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  1. Found it!!! http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=24228'' the image i'm talking about in this post is the blue dog image...
  2. oh yes i had this problem before using hair for a characters like these... BTW these are like a year old.... i used hair for the wings on this one too... i had to experiment quite a bit. the trick is you need to have cast shadows on for the hair. after that the line will be gone but the render won't look right. so your gonna have to work on your light settings mostly and not your hair settings(but those too) i made a topic about this, i'll try and find it...
  3. yeah it has a paint ball outfit feel too it...though then again if i saw master cheif as a teen i'd think the same...snce hes not gonna be all bulky and stuff...
  4. yay another battle ship!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. did you use dark tree that always shoots up renders...but multiple lights shouldn't effect a render that much..i don't think..normaly the most i have in a scene is 10 and the render is normally 30mins max...
  6. cool man, nice job on the anatomy!
  7. B-E-A-utiful man!!! the worn looks sounds like a good idea!
  8. oh yeah i saw that but i forgot to thx for reminding me!
  9. sounds ok to me....what kinda format is the tutorial?
  10. lol i like the idea...i think it needs more work though in design terms. i'm not gonna give any suggestions cause i think its something you should work on your self. good idea though!
  11. did you turn on collisions in the dynamics?
  12. oh man awesome!!! i can't wait to see more!
  13. yeah dude its totally our thing!
  14. maybe you shouldn't toon shade it.... looks good though, experiment with toon shade more though....
  15. yeah i'm a free person...paying for it i wouldn't be able to do it, 10 to 20$ is ok i guess. but there are workshops that go through very advanced stuff that cost anyware from 400 to 500$(CG workshops) if people pay that for a full month class basically, how much would they pay for a tutorial that provides no direct instruction and takes a few days? plus there are DVDs/videos for programs that are 20 to 60$(gnomon). theres actualy a car modeling tutorial in pdf format for 3dsmax thats 117 pages and still going, the tires the rims the exhaust , the body quite alot and its free(link)! wha i'm saying is your tutorial has to be pretty darn special if you want to charge for it...just my thoughts...
  16. two ways... 1. edit the images of the planets 2. use turbulence materials, things like turbulence in turbulence in turbulence in gradient. if you know what i mean....
  17. textures!!!! thats what you need, theres a whole site with textures for every planet for free!!!!! i used it for a school project last year! Planet textures you can apply them as a projection map material.
  18. lookin good, got start getting some wall paper and a carpet though!
  19. T_T when v15 comes out i'll be 3v under!!!! did you say fluid?
  20. cool man love the texture! any concepts you can post?
  21. the eyes on mushrooms normally sit anyway from half to a third into the cap. lookin good other wise...
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