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  1. you give me too much credit dude.. actually you'll need some plugins which is what i used.... http://www.kci-group.com/z/index.htm http://www.kci-group.com/z/plugins.htm i'll have the toon set up soon, my mouse has been acting stupid so work is hard to do...
  2. start working in the cheeks...kinda flat faced now... great, i don't have to say anything about the lips
  3. in you version toon render uses only one light...i'll make a prj file showing a toon render style you might like.
  4. um for one you need a light source....this scene isn't even finished...let alone ready for lighting...now if your going for some tets lighting thats diffrent. do you want toon rendering on these?
  5. i seriously have no idea.....it kept happening and i couldn't figure it out so i just let it go.... SWEET POST NUMBER 1200!!!!!!!!
  6. check the frame number? i don't mess with compression settings, it could be what every your compressing setting is...
  7. I have decided on what i'm going to do!!!! i'm doing a funny remake of an old animation i saw. baisicly its a cigar(alive) thats about to be lit by a lighter(also alive) suddenly they stop and the lighter directs the cigar out the window(there in a city building btw). the cigar goes out and then a pipe comes in the room door. the cigar does a 'sigh' movement, he moves his way toward the corner of the building looks around the corner then BAM!!!6 other cigars are around the corner, the cigar is so shocked he falls off the ledge!!! it was a short 10 second animation that i thought was hilarious! it also seems like something i could do with out much problem too...
  8. well after watching some great short films(Cycle,<a href=" target="_blank">FootBall vs Rabbit</a>,Insight are some of my favs) my feelings to ward animation went from intrigue to interest... so now, animation will slowly move into my 3d works. so just st see were i'm at in animation i took some time to animate thom doing a side anckle kick... Hop kick(levitate kick lol) ok so its not good but it is a start, i'm surprised with the fact i did this with no planning what so ever...but i will do better stuff in time....and i'll post them on here under these words ------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE!!!!! 4/17/07 One too many... A short film remake to start into animation i'm starting out simple, i'm gonna remake an old short film i saw a couple of months ago. basically its a cigar(alive) thats about to be lit by a lighter(also alive) suddenly they stop and the lighter directs the cigar out the window(there in a city building btw). the cigar goes out and then a pipe comes in the room door. the cigar does a 'sigh' movement, looks around BAM!!!6 other cigars are right there, the cigar is so shocked he falls off the ledge!!! the moral is light one cigar it might lead to more. heres the lighter so far, i've made a simple rig that should work.ok so the lighter might not look this good in the animation but i will try!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------- (reserved for future updates!!!)
  9. the downtown one lacks in comparison with the other 2, why? cause the cars turn weird...make the tires turn or something and make the limo turning smoother. the piano one is very good!
  10. so you mean putting a movie on a plane or model? you can apply it as a decal...you know how to use those right ?
  11. what you can do it render into a small(or what every designated image size) format then use a gif maker or something. heres one i found that could work(i haven't used it). GIF animation creator
  12. add bones to the snake and make a pose of it slithering (make sure its repeatable) then have it follow a path(see taoA:M)
  13. or a choreography might be what you want as well....
  14. also heres a link to something i use use that you(and anyone else reading this) may find usefull Celtx also you might find this page useful as well.... katakata its a Japanese site that i first used for my anime models, should be helpful. to translate the page use babble fish
  15. heres you go, it took like 5mins to make lol^_^' i kinda kept putting it off lol... hope you like it. also the offer of drawing up a character is still up for grabs... Chaos_Gate.zip
  16. actually thats what i did in my first hair dynamics test(see last post on the first page).
  17. actualy in the modeling window i think its best to have it at zero, what the dynamics do is make the hair move AFTER your done getting the hair how you want it. with preroll on it kinda messes up the whole thing i belive, even if you get the hair how you want it with preroll on it doesn't mean the next frame will look the same. preroll is only good for testing dynamics in the modeling window. making sure the hair doesn't drop to much or something. i had the same problem until i stopped using preroll in the modeling window. preroll is what the hair will look like at a certain frame if it stood still, you can do the same in the choreography... for instance(they are .MOV files in .zip files so they won't open automatically) this is my first model where i used hair. notice how that hair doesn't move at all. thats cause theres no dynamics used. Aaron with hair this is when i started using dynamics(not very good though lol) Hair dynamics test the pourpose of dynamics for hair is so it moves in animations with out the animator having to do it him self. preroll makes dynamics take effect in the modeling window, which completely messes up what you want your hair to be.... P.S. you justified my answer by your last post. hair i direction is dynamics, the hair direction is the gravity force. so in other words take that off and the hair is weightless, like your in space...until the character moves that hair will do nothing...
  18. dude you seriously need to read some 'how to draw manga' books, goto to the library and read some, trust me it will help allot. but don't get those phony American made ones i'm talking the ones that look like they same straight from japan. heres what i used to use. there are multiple subjects and all of them are helpful. trust me i used to draw like you did(ok not as bad but pretty close[no i am not being discreet]). but after a 2 year anime craze i rented a whole lot of those. heres what one maye looks like, anyone that looks like this is totally legit and not crappy. but get the basics versions first.
  19. well it could be preroll, if you have dynamic settings on the preroll will take an early effect turn it to zero or turn dynamic options off and it should be fixed...
  20. what are your dynamic settings? and whats the preroll?
  21. ok i added some more images goto first post...
  22. a simle cone following the bullet and a turbulence material with one attribute 100% transparent and the other slightly transparent and white. i believe that should work.....
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