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  1. hey guys, long time no question. i need help. i am making a movie and i would like to put cgi characters into the film. how would i do that?
  2. Take this for example: Iwant you to look at this picture http://www.hash.com/stills/displayimage.ph...cat=0&pos=0 (copy anf paste that on your web surfer) Now the hammer has two separate parts on it. the head and the handle. try modeling two parts and put them together to make a hammer get it?
  3. Okay guys new problem!! I need to model a heart for my girlfriend but idk how! Ithought it would be cool if I gave her a taste of my work but I NEED A HEART!! HELP!
  4. well. you have a good start. you may wanna consider making a separate hammer head and a separate hammer handle, the would make it look a lot better. Also for your black blotch problem, the control points in the center are intersecting each other. All you need to do is enlarge those CPs and that should do it. (Be sure their moving away from the center and not farther into the center. HOPE THAT HELPS!
  5. Now do you want the part where the plasma stuff shoots out of the stargate? Cuz if you do, take ur water emmiter, put the stargate pointing downward, angle the camera so it looks like it's right side up. THEN, mess with your forces as to create the water (or plasma or whatever) to shoot back up! Get It?
  6. did you try using the spacebar? That's usually the problem
  7. ya i will, my dad's scanner is down for the time but as soon as it's up, i'll put it on.
  8. i rate my cartoons or drawings on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the most abstract cartoon you can muster and 10 being more realistic type. the question is, how much "cartoon" do you want with ur character(
  9. that's not a bad idea!
  10. i do a lot of comics for my school. i don't have a website to show u but i can post them on the forums. the comics are pretty funny
  11. OOH OOH OOH Let me Help!!! im only a 14 year old rookie but i am rreaallllyyyyy good at cartoonerizing!!! Just give me some details and i'll do it!!
  12. Toucans have long skinny tongues but i don't have a picture. They have long tongues for picking seeds out of fruits
  13. Ok now i get it! Darn this stupid 14 year old brain. isn't it kinda akward for me to be talking to college students when im like 20 years younger than u guys
  14. okay. in that case all i need to do is pay for a subscription and i get an updated version right?
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