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  1. i think i can top the car, but the other suff i'm not so sure about....
  2. really? hmm i need to look at AO renders more....
  3. well i don't know who rendered that...and he most likely won't see that post!
  4. yeah i totally voted for this one! i figured you did it...i kinda looked like you... btw to answer the dude above, i think he used a sky light rig... if it was ao it would look a bit diffrent so that what i think...am i right?
  5. mines is so gonna be better! how much longer till its done?
  6. offense to your work but...that kinda looks like Michel jackson.... the other one before that looks awesome though
  7. sweet man! I'm loving it! what exactly do you plan on doing with these?
  8. wow that actualy looks pretty good!!!!
  9. sweet dude! do you plan on adding scenery to it?
  10. put stars behind it and post it on an alien web site and people will flip lol!!!!
  11. the chest looks very weird... other than that it looks good!
  12. dude that is the most insane look i have ever seen lol.
  13. yeah, but i prefer beginner tutorials rather than advaced tutorials when it comes to modeling, then i'd learn the rest on my own...
  14. whats the image on your cd? btw after seeing your model i'm excited about the render! btw if you around half way done..why can't you just copy/flip/attach it?
  15. btw a quick question what cd do you have? i sent too btw, just to let you know when you see it might be a duh moment...when i opened it and looked at i again i realized i had way over complicated it lol...and so has every one else cause they didn't see the whole part...you'll see what i mean....
  16. actualy i fixed it already, but if you want to do it your self i have no problem, best you than me ya-know, gotta learn this stuff.
  17. try changing the image format...that might work...
  18. yeah thats easy, its a simple matter of changing the direction the spline is going... respose: and its sooner than when you started the post!
  19. yeah thick wrist dude...also the belly button looks kinda weird...wire frames?
  20. THE DAY OF MY RENDERING IS SOON TO COME!!!!!!!!! And i can't wait
  21. hey man, one thing you should know about modeling can help...the least splines the better!!! normally reducing the spline number can smooth out your model... also another thing that could help is deleting half the model then smoothing out the spline path...then using the copy/flip/attach option after selecting that side then right clicking it...
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