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  1. Been away from this project for a while. i've been working on a new guitar .
  2. Absolutely Incredible!!!! :D :D
  3. Here it is with hair. I think the movement is a little too exaggerated. rockinwhair.mov
  4. No. I just didn't render his hair 'cause it would have taken too long .
  5. Here we go so far . rockin.mov
  6. Thanks for the comments. Here is another pic. Ok, enough fooling around! I gotta get back to animating.
  7. Even more updates. Comments?......Anyone?
  8. More improvements. New Shirt. Another AO render .
  9. Aha! After even more tweaking I think I finally got what I was looking for . Here they are! hairgood.mov hairbetter.mov
  10. More Tweaking. I fixed the shoulders. This is the first try on the hair dynamics, which aren't lookin' too good . hair.mov
  11. I'll try to add dynamics to the hair , but I'll just have to see what happens and mess around with the settings. As for the "weird elbow" , I noticed it too. I'm tweaking the character so the shoulders look more like, well, shoulders.
  12. I've been adding more details to the character for some time. Here it is so far. Any comment?
  13. More guitar playing. He actually moves a little more now. Rockout.mov Here's also some animation practice . trip_fall.mov
  14. I made a walk cycle for the guy, just in case . Comments? walkcycle.mov
  15. Once again more animation. I started animating the left hand and here's what I got so far . Lefthandstart.mov
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