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  1. I really enjoyed this! Fun little way to tell their story. Thanks for sharing. And yeah Rodney, I was wondering that too about the other 3 brothers. They were never mentioned after the one son started helping out his father. You did not blink and miss it, heh. I was constantly waiting for them to pop back up and hear what they had done.
  2. There is a game coming out, release date is July 2012, developed by me and another, who does the programming. All art aspects, minus the skins for the character, which some new ones will be made by me, but all assets besides the original textures for the character were made by me. Its been an awesome learning experience and a company has already been established and we plan to make many more after this. Its our first game, and it really is a lot of fun, and this cartoony style kinda stands out amongst other mobile games, the sounds really add tot the look of the game. There is still some levels to be made and all have to be handpainted, but its getting close to being finished here. And a version will be able to be played on this facebook page within the week. Help spread the word of the game. Its my first game and company! Facebook Page. Like us, if you want! this needs to be removed, i didnt follow guidelines
  3. i am not so good with making people and characters yet but if you need help with making props or anything just let me know i'm up for doing some things like that and wouldn't charge either. i am not the best but i am willing to do it for free.
  4. totlover

    Star Wars AT-AT

    wow.. just wondering what your patch count has worked up to by now?
  5. totlover

    Star Wars AT-AT

    wow. just wow. the motor you created is better then anything i have ever made. lol i cant wait to see the final thing.
  6. Thanks! you've got a lot of great stuff for your age... not taht thats a handicap in this day XD

  7. great stuff man

  8. you got nice stuff.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  9. totlover

    New tutorials.

    i definitely agree on this idea... i found that (me being younger) tutorials helped me a lot... i used the TOA:AM tutorials and the link "flashawd" posted and i am still learning...
  10. i was just gonna say that your website has good work and Happy B-Day

  11. Hello Bruce and welcome to the A:M community *echoes* anyways.. the art of animation master is free on the forums but not all the excersies are available The Art of Animation Thread and here is the intro to TOAM ( the short word for The Art of Animation Master)TOAM and here is the topic where the link for all the exercises are. TOAM certificate and video tutorials hope these help your question... somebody smarter will help you more hopefully...
  12. thanks man..

    sorry i had to leave..

    but i just dont feel comfortable giving the reason away..

    it aint because of you... i like your work by the way..

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