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  1. ah,a war of the worlds tripod project...i was hoping someoe would do that.yet when i saw the movie my mom and my sister hated the ending.yet to me its one of the best endings ive seen.its so meaningful...the one thing we take for granted saved or lives(metaphoricly).excelent.Nice model by the way. can't help with the rigging now i have alot of projects to do.
  2. big thx,well i better get back to work.THANK YOU!!!!! i'll post the finished version on my site wen its done rendering(note "videos" site is not yet made)
  3. ok i'm doing a project at school,i'm making a movie for dna.this would be my first "real" movie,i nomraly do picture for projects.anyway,i have a problem the paths around the atom only go around once.And when i change the screen time the same thing.how can i make them cycle so i can do every thing else. btw is this in the right place
  4. i'm working on settings for anime hair and clothing,but havent got to it...sir.
  5. did you chang the color of the cps in tools -> customise -> apperence.
  6. pucker one is creapy...but thats my opinion lol.great yeti!
  7. adam and eve?!I don't think so.i dought they looked that scary!but what he did was very uniqe.
  8. i have version 10 and got the upgrade and now mine has jpegs and others
  9. if you don't wanna use pictures you could model the picture exactly how it is then apply it as a decal.that what the did in final fantasy 7-9 btw give props to the background artist for me.
  10. try some work with pre made models.do you have the new trees plugin?if you do try it out, that pic only took me 3 hours total.no i'm not a profestional i'm in middle school and only had this for less than a year.but trust me the more fool around the more you learn. i'll also post the project.but befor you load the project turn "show hair" off.unless you have a fastcomputer tree.zip
  11. lol i'm not even 18 and when i started i just winged it,ya know fool around with it.without even reading the manual i made a toon apple.the down side is thats befor i learned about groups it tok 5 models to make it lol.but just do at least most of the tutuorals in the book then just start from there.it helps to have ok drawing skills.my first real model turned out exactly how i drew back then(a year ago i'm much better now)and thats a bad thing.and if you in school try using a:m for school projects.heak open a buisness if you want.just goof off and get familiar with every thing.and read some tutorals. oh and about the bone thing it about what realated to what...like for in stance. thigh ----calf -------ankle ------------toes in this form when the thigh moves the calf ankle and foot move too.all you have to do is right click the boon and hit attach bone icon on the right oh and if you wanna know how to model a body just look at the models in the built in library, just cheak the tutoral resourse area, or download one take caution of what you download. it was for a project
  12. wow O_o i didn't know a:m could do that.
  13. my mom would ask me to do work for her some times.and i don't like to take the cd out.
  14. try making sue that the face is right next to the y line and in the middle of the x line, that always works for me.oh and that all the cps(Control points)are ritgh on the line or right behind,if one cp gose past it just edit the model til every thing is straight.
  15. do you have to have the cd in to use a:m. i have nother software i use with it and it requires a cd too
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