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  1. ... er ./.. open previous version ? ... uh ... ... aw...
  2. eptigo

    Draw a line?

    hmmm interesting, i didnt know you could do something like that in AM, if it was me, i would have turned to compositing
  3. im having some trouble with my lipsync i was making this animation, and revised many of my mouth poses when i checked the animation, half of my mouth poses were missing the mouth poses in the actions, the dopesheets seem ok, i can view the character talking in there, and the lipsync looks fine in a new choreography it just doesnt seem to want to work in the old choreography where the rest of my animation is tried refreshing with space bar no avail im wondering if some of the keys in the animation are somehow conflicting with some of the dopesheet keys or something not sure what to do and im hoping that i wont have to rebuild all of my dope sheets to correct the problem
  4. no, that doesnt seem to work and doesnt seem to make sense because some of the changes i made to the lipsync dopesheets are visible in the choreography but large sections of them are missing.
  5. im having some trouble with my dope sheets i was reworking all of the poses, editing the relationships for the lipsync in my animation. but when i attempted to test it about half of my lipsyncs stopped working i checked my dopesheets and they work fine there attempted to delete and reimport the dopesheet lipsync action thing and they still wouldnt work tested the lipsync inside a new choreography and the lipsyncs work fine their, they just no longer wish to work inside my old choreography does this mean im going to have to rebuild all the lipsyncs in my choreography from scratch? or what is going on?
  6. forgot how to toggle the quality geometry is displayed in AM how do you change stuff from appearing like smooth splines to more boxy in order to reduce necessary processing power?
  7. oooooh i see what i did had dynamic constraints on all of the bones controlling my skirt keehee ^^
  8. eptigo

    Free Models?

    im curious about this too actually id love to see a free models section dedicated section in the forums somewhere split up into different categories and such
  9. its been a while since I've used this program i modelled and rigged this thing myself about a dinosaur age ago but can't for the life of me figure out what i did in order to build this thing when i take it into the coreography and move it around it looks like its got some kind of cloth modifier on the skirt but when i go in and check the thing, i can't find anything on it. i can't find any cloth modifier on it or anything so im not sure whats going on with this thing, why is it doing what its doing feed back is appreciated rai.zip
  10. Im trying to use the Translate to constraint to pick up a pencil and draw with it but whenever i try to use the constraint thing, it shifts before being constrained to the hand how do i fix this? ---- should i be using a different method where there are 2 pencil objects, one visible and one invisible and when the hand reaches to pick up pencil, the visibility flops from the stationary pencil to the one attatched to the hand?
  11. if i wanted to get a good hand model, where could i find one???
  12. i meant in the project manager how can i organize objects in the coreography of the project manager/project workspace
  13. suppose im working on a project and its got or some obscene number like 200 models in the coreography is their a way to organize the models in the coreography, like group them together, or place them into folders?
  14. seems to work fine after saving audio file in specific manner ... what did i do??? ... saved at a lower bitrate or something
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