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  1. well there are multiple programs and sites you can use heres two programs Wood Work shop MapZone and a tutorial GameDev tutorial and also a sweet web site for textures CGTextures
  2. even though this program is designed so you don't have to use primitives, sometimes using one can help especially in some mechanical models. heres a plugin site that i used...which includes a primitives plugin http://www.sgross.com/plugins/
  3. sup dude, you'll love it here! we have cake....good cake too...and it has a little yellow guy sticking out of it.....
  4. that happened to me once when some patches weren't going were the should be....make sure the lines are flowing and not stoped.....also make sure that some how theres two patches on one patch...
  5. but its really better to assign them your self...unless you have a really dense model....
  6. wow i leave and all these post come up(i still gotta read them all). i'm using v12... i'll post a test of the rigg in the wip section later....
  7. adobe after effects now, i recently got it , i'm gonna use it for an animation i'm planning...
  8. yeah i do that, i've used smart skinning before. it just suddenly started doing that.... but i've never used cp weights....i guess that could work...i'll give it a shot....
  9. i'm working on a nice little rigg(i'll show it off later). but for some reason when i try to smart skin a bone of a model i don't get the right results. i translate the bone, go into muscle mode and get the splines how i want them. then i test it out and the splines i moved don't go back to the way they were when i translate it back...is there some thing i'm missing?
  10. which one? and i'll give it a shot brad...
  11. i can't make the a volumetric light shine through an object...it just passes right though it... i've never really worked with volumetrics...
  12. well for one you have to give it bones, then you put in the choreography...does that answer it? this stuff is in the book...
  13. what disk do you have? and what was the download it intended for?
  14. one thing you can do is imagine A:M models as as already subdivided poly models. and model only in the lowest resolution setting, that way the model will look like a low poly model, simply up the resolution to "preview" the model. the only tutorials you'll need to spline flow and organization...
  15. hi man, may 08 sounds good for something simple, but don't expect to be advanced(unless you have allot of time to spare). do at least half of the TAO:AM(the manual thing), or what you think is important (any thing on animation is vital). but first mess around have some fun and learn from that. that way you'll get a feel of what you have and maybe even make your first model(mines was an apple i made in the first 3 hours i got to use A:M). once you've done that look around for inspiration, find some cool artist that you wanna equal someday( try www.cgsociety.org , or the A:M stills). you'll have some experiance, an idol, motivation, all you need is a SMALL project to start on. but i have a question, can you draw? don't start a model blindly get a concept first(scan it for a reference if you can) and model that. one thing i discovered when i started on my first "real" model was that it turned out exactly how i drew it(not good at that time). when you draw well and know what you want getting there is simply taking your time on it and doing it the best you can. just like in drawing if it makes you feel awkward about it keep fixing it. when your proud of what you have sofar post it in the WIP forum and see what other think, the people here will tell you what they think and what you can do to improve it. man that was long...i'm a long speaking kinda person(i love to talk about what i love to do). well, i hope this helped, i've used A:M for almost 3 years, i'm 15 now and A:M has inspired my career path. my web site is, www.wolfworks.co.nr -MAGE-
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