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  1. is it too late to join in on the fun? i may have an old version but i still got the stuff ;P and i'll ask this now but its doesn't have to be passed by a actual character does it?
  2. I'm offering some assistance by posting some links. Full complete index http://www.pokemon.com/Pokedex/flash.asp for more reference goto the card page http://www.go-pokemon.com/tcg/cards/ you can also gon on you tube to find videos of multiple pokemon.... i found this stuff with only like 30 seconds of searching XD
  3. wow man nice quick models, do you plan to make some sorta archive or something?
  4. yeah it is, but i'm trying to make mines a bit more versitle...
  5. a small update on it, i added 2 poses to make the center expand and compress...that was you can move the center and control how big it is. Sphere_rig2.prj
  6. well it does squash and stretch and i have 4 bones in the middle and one node, which lets it move its center in any direction. it deforms pretty well i think, but is it good for animation is what i'm not sure about...
  7. Hey y'all, i haven't been on in a while cause of school and all. but now that its over I'm back to work! the lest time i was on A:M i started working on a where rig for a project(yes a new one ). so any way i wasn't then and still I'm not very experienced with making rigs. but i have gotten this far, i made a beveled sphere, made the bone, cp weights, and one node to make it bend in the middle. I'm just wondering if theres anything else i should do or something i should change? also the file is v12(yeah i still haven't gotten my mom to update) EDIT:oh i just realized this was in the wrong place...could someone move it please XD Sphere_rig2.prj
  8. cool dude, i like how you always do variations of your characters!
  9. send him through an obstacle course! ah man your using v13 i was gonna ask if i could see the project file.
  10. i normaly get that look by having a large specular size, and high intensity back lighting. looks like you may have combined it with a sky light rigg.... hope that helps awesome render btw EDIT: you ought get that site go'in some time , maybe get a deviant or something till its done.
  11. looks good, but i think the bumps on it should be ab it smaller. it reminds me of the sketch books i use for school...accept its brown instead of black EDIT: also theres no defined spine...most books have sort of a rim or the book dips in right before the spine.
  12. nice render! needs a setting though EDIT: it looks a bit like its floating....
  13. hey when were you gonna tell me it was done?! gonna send the file?
  14. Also, i think the smoke should "consume" the plane. its just to small of smoke to make the plane fall. if a plane is on fire, and its falling the fire is gonna fall to the back making its spread. in other words more than likely that plane should be SMOK'IN! also were si the fire coming from, the thrusters? the gas tank( )? a missile hit some where? i truly can't tell.... also some debree would make a nice effect, just some bits that fall some were... oh and shake that camera! the massive thing just hit the ground and the camera is like what? 50ft away? your gonna feel it atleast a bit. oh and the plane should at least stand on its nose a bit when it stops by some kind of objact.
  15. sounds cool, have any questions just ask!
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