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  1. so the extra cd is free with the upgrade correct?
  2. welcome to animation master forums summers. I am Ryan. hope to see you around

  3. hey case, working on anything lately? I havent really seen any of your work in animation master. Post some stuff if you make something cool.


  4. so, have you found anyone to go in the postition yet?
  5. let me give it a try. where can I get the models?
  6. well, I could give it a try. As long as you have all the models, and everything. I cant do the mouth actions though, that will be left up to you. and also, is this going to be on tv? umm, so send me an email at nunsofamerica@yahoo.com
  7. Cool, I am not the greatest at modelng yet, but I have some great Halo models from friends and sorts. they are all in max or 3Ds though. if interested, contact me at nunsofamerica@yahoo.com
  8. Thanks for the great stuff John
  9. They are all done well, I mean the characters are done. not the sets yet, they are being worked on
  10. I can use animation master just fine, I just dont have the program to make the game.
  11. there is no pay, but everyone who helps to a certain extent will recieve a copy of the movie and the game once finished
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