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  1. Wow you guys! You are doing great! Jequed, the animations are amazing! great job! keep it up!
  2. hey guys, way to bring it back. I have been swarmed with school and work lately so i wont be able to continue. sorry.
  3. It looks like you have a nice set of bones in side of him! Whats going on with the black part and the weird shadows though?
  4. Hey guys. Sorry I have been gone for so long. With school going on I have been jammed with a lot of responsibilities. I am ready to get back on the project.
  5. The project is moving reallly slowly. But its to be expected. We just have to keep moving. It will get done eventually
  6. oh no chris. Thats such a bummer. Good luck in college though!
  7. I love it! It does look like its from ratatouille! Amazing work Dhar. I love it. Cant wait to see it in action
  8. lookin good caleb. I may want to contribute. lol. Let me try my best at a weapon. lol
  9. with the mario film going as it is. pretty smoothly. I think its time that nothing has to be "ok'ed with me" This is a team job. Just to make everything clear. There is no current leader. This is a team. ok?
  10. Ok, your right Chris. Right now we need someone to find a design for peaches wall and her carpeting. for the wall I was thinking Pink with hearts all over it maybe
  11. wonderful bowser and chris. that would probably be good
  12. hey guys, just to let you know. I am leaving for disney world today and will be gone until wednesday. cya!
  13. wow, thats very nice. Let me make something. what do you need?
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