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  1. NM, I found it on the Extras DVD. The library folder wasn't being detected thats all.
  2. I asked this Q a long time ago but couldn't find the original post, so: Where can I download the basic male model character? He's not on the '05 extras DVD i have. Thanks!
  3. Is there a plugin that allows for DirectX file imports? I've looked everywhere and searched through all the support pages and links and haven't found anything. thx
  4. Are we allowed to put a watermark of our name on our image so we can show it's ours? Or is it 100% owned by Hash once you submit it?
  5. I figured it out, it was a patch issue. I anncidently divided some patches that did not need it. Apparently A:M doesn't like unnessecary things in it's renders. lol
  6. Ya, you can see in my avatar here that the planet glow is still visible on the dark side.
  7. I was using Darktree but I figured out a better way to get around it. For a planet, just render out the material on a rectangle then apply that image as a texture onto a sphere. I figured out what was wrong. One model was "corrupted". Apparently, the program doesn't like rendering 2 patches that can easily be combined into a 5-point patch. But anyway, finally! I was able to render my image today. It took only 20 mins! lol
  8. I'm trying to render an image and it says about half way thru "Error Loading 5918". Whats that?
  9. I'm rendering in Panavision. Thats big, I know but I need it to be that wide. There are shadows on every light. There are no motion blurs or anything extra like that. My comp is an intel dual core 3.0 Ghz with like 280 Gb hard drive and 1 Gb of Ram. It's recently bought. The graphics card is an ATI. I'm gonna stop the rendering, this is too long. I'll just composite different renders. Plus I think I know what moel it is that is corrupted. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the help guys!
  10. Geeze! It's been over 25 hours so far and my image for the Sci-fi contest is still over 30 hours from finishing!!! The bad thing is, the estimated time is continously going up!! Is this normal? I did make some adjustments to it to try and save some time but this is too long. I have like 18 lights in the scene tho. maybe thats why. Any tips? I just hope it finishes before Sept 1st! lol
  11. Does anyone know how to use the PlanetGlow diffuse shader??? I've been trying to get it to work and I can't do it. I tried making a planet using the Darksim Planet_Terran plugin, and then adding the PlanetGlow to it. That doesn't work. So I tried making a second, larger sphere and givng it the PlanetGlow but that doesn't work either. How do you do it?!?!?! HELP!!!
  12. Wierd, I did search a lot. odd that didn't come up. Thanks for the info guys.
  13. Yo ppls, Is there a .DXF export plugin out there? I really want to export my object into a CAD so I can use a machine like the fabber to actually create it.
  14. Hey guys, check this out. I made this teaser trailer for my Star Wars fan film, Star Wars Frontlines. What ya think?
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