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  1. Never mind - I think this project was just taxing my system. I quit a lot of the processes in process management. Even though I wasn't running anything but A:M, my system had a number of unnecessary processes running. Quitting them seems to have done the trick.
  2. I'm using A:M v.18.0p on a Mac running OS 10.11.6 A:M continues to crash when rendering only the attached project. It renders other projects without a problem. Please help me troubleshoot what's going on here.
  3. I'm toon rendering a model in a simple choreography with the character walking along the ground. How do I get the character's shadow to render on the ground plane? The character's "toon" settings are: Line color: dark gray line size: .8 Toon bias: 2 The ground's "toon" settings are: Line color: white line size: .8 Toon bias: 20 "shadows" are enabled in render settings.
  4. Thank you for the Unity export tut, Fuchur! Do you or anyone have a suggestion for a similar software package to UltimateUnwrap3D for Mac OS 10.11.6? I've found UVLayout, but it is much more expensive than Unwrap3D. Does anyone know if it is capable of doing the same thing as Unwrap and if the .fbx exporter (save) function is similar for game development?
  5. My previous license expired 3 days ago. I just purchased a new yearly license and received an activation code, but I can't open A:M in order to activate it. Please advise. Thanks. • Please disregard - I figured it out. Removed the license file from my A:M folder and reinstalled •
  6. Thanks for this info. Yes, this Mac laptop has an NVIDIA dedicated graphics card. It helped to lower the size of the targa files, but perhaps I'll try forcing the computer to just access onboard graphics while in A:M.
  7. I'm running latest version of A:M in MacOS 10.9.5 on a 2014 Macbook Pro. Importing targa files seems to be my best option for using rotoscopes and decals in the modeling window (jpg won't import). The images do not display correctly in the modeling window. Only part of the image is viewable. This makes it very difficult to place decals correctly on a surface, though once I do apply them after considerable effort, the decals render correctly. Modeling using the images as rotoscopes is impossible. My graphics were set to OpenGL3 initially, but I changed them to OpenGL. This gave me about 50% better viewing, but it still is not a viable option. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting images to display as rotoscopes/decals properly on my machine? Thank you.
  8. Thank you, Robert! That, of course, did it . . . "if it was a snake . . ."
  9. Hello - I'm got a relatively simple humanoid character model that I want to render as basically flat black with some white specularity reflections, but I want it to have a more "matte" rendered look without the glossy look that specularity normally gives to the model. Any ideas how to accomplish this?
  10. I'm not using Windows. I'm running A:M on a Mac in OS 10.9.5 I just submitted a bug report. Thanks for all your help.
  11. I will say that this anomaly occurred, as far as I know, after I updated my system via Apple's App Store a few days ago. I hadn't used A:M in a few weeks before I updated the system software, so I'm not sure, but it could be something conflicting with the update. None of my other software is showing strange behavior, only A:M, so I'm at a loss here. If I could be sure it was the update that affected A:Ms parameters I'd let you know . . . What do I do to submit this in a bug report for future release?
  12. Hi Nancy - I just chose OpenGL over OpenGL3 and the crash still persists.
  13. I tried unchecking the boxes - the error message about entering integers appears once I tried to close the options window and then A:M crashed. This does not effect my use of A:M. I'm still able to work within all the windows - model, choreography, render, etc. - I am just unable to change options without receiving the error message and A:M crashing. While modeling, the lathe tool still works as 4 cross sections (as I last successfully had it set) even though in the options dialog box the number is the random string starting with 20 . . .
  14. I'm able to enter the number 20 in the "undo" box and exit the options window without A:M crashing, but when I enter the options again the string of numbers appears, again in the "undo" box. A:M crashes when I select the "unlimited" box, after an error message appears saying "Please enter an integer between 1 and 3200". When I try to change the number of lathe cross sections from the random string of numbers to a different number, say 4 or 8, the error message "Please enter an integer between 1 and 3200" appears and A:M crashes. Yes, I am using A:M on a Macbook Pro in Mavericks OS 10.9
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