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  1. I'm toon rendering a model in a simple choreography with the character walking along the ground. How do I get the character's shadow to render on the ground plane? The character's "toon" settings are: Line color: dark gray line size: .8 Toon bias: 2 The ground's "toon" settings are: Line color: white line size: .8 Toon bias: 20 "shadows" are enabled in render settings.
  2. cribbidaj

    Exporting models to Unity

    Thank you for the Unity export tut, Fuchur! Do you or anyone have a suggestion for a similar software package to UltimateUnwrap3D for Mac OS 10.11.6? I've found UVLayout, but it is much more expensive than Unwrap3D. Does anyone know if it is capable of doing the same thing as Unwrap and if the .fbx exporter (save) function is similar for game development?