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  1. I'm toon rendering a model in a simple choreography with the character walking along the ground. How do I get the character's shadow to render on the ground plane? The character's "toon" settings are: Line color: dark gray line size: .8 Toon bias: 2 The ground's "toon" settings are: Line color: white line size: .8 Toon bias: 20 "shadows" are enabled in render settings.
  2. cribbidaj

    Exporting models to Unity

    Thank you for the Unity export tut, Fuchur! Do you or anyone have a suggestion for a similar software package to UltimateUnwrap3D for Mac OS 10.11.6? I've found UVLayout, but it is much more expensive than Unwrap3D. Does anyone know if it is capable of doing the same thing as Unwrap and if the .fbx exporter (save) function is similar for game development?
  3. cribbidaj

    Global Ambience fun

    Thanks John - the render times were very reasonable - between 2:48 and 3:11 min per frame. At some point I'm considering doing a Globial Ambience render of something and then bringing the frames into a paint program to add color to parts of the models in order to add some hand drawn color & shimmer and shake to the final animation. Not quite envisioning how I want to approach it. For this choreography I rendered every 2 frames. I also find rendering every 4 frames instead of every 3 gives my movements a pleasing stop-motion aesthetic, similar to the the Rankin/Bass Christmas films of the 60's. Also, I was reading on the forums that the Darktree materials and SimbiontAM don't work with A:M version 18. Is that correct?
  4. cribbidaj

    Global Ambience fun

    Here's a short gig promo I created in A:M recently. I really like the Global Ambience option and parameters the software offers. Thanks to Nancy Gormezano for her posts regarding this subject. Her work is illuminating. Jack In The Box.mov
  5. cribbidaj

    animated short

    Thanks Rodney! I use Logic to record multi tracked audio. I write the script (with pencil and notepad - old school, but fits my workflow best), then record each character's dialog separately on separate tracks. I then edit them to get the timing I desire. Next I improvise a separate abstract piano track during the piano ventriloquist's dialog, trying to match timing and inflection. For this episode I recorded a separate piano track as the dummy begins to play, starting with JS Bach's 25th variation from the Goldberg Variations then morphing into an improvised stride piano thing. Mixing goes fairly quickly from there, then I bounce to a .wav file and bring it into A:M for animating. As a side note: the insults hurled between the characters toward the end is a nod to New Orleans jazz musicians' banter called "playing the dozens", which was first observed at the turn of the 19th into 20th century. I don't know the origins of the term, but it's obviously been adopted by people from many different walks of life.
  6. cribbidaj

    animated short

    Here's a new episode using these characters. Ventriloquist_Ep2_Bach Breaking.mov
  7. cribbidaj

    animated short

    Thanks, all, for the feedback!
  8. cribbidaj

    animated short

    Thank you, Rodney! Yes, a camera zoom for closer shot is good advice! The dummy lipsync is straightforward up and down. I perhaps should make it's eyes blink a little more often. The head and neck are on one bone so that I can rotate it on x axis, which seems to be the right thing to do. For the piano-ventriloquist's lipsync, I've created a number of poses for the mouth. I did some CP weighting, but failed to do smart skinning, so the white of the bottom of the keys shows through in a number of poses. Basically, I just got this done to where it made me laugh. I'm considering creating a number of "episodes" for these characters, so I'll get in and do the busy detail work before animating again. I really like the way A:M allows audio into an action and the choreography. I've been using the software since 2004 and ran into problems early on with that function - mostly due to a slow computer and user error - but it's a flawless workflow now. In short, I'm still amazed that I can accomplish this with this software. I can't imagine how programmers create such a deep program that enables one person sitting at home with a laptop to grapple with all the capabilities that this software can do. It's like magic to me.
  9. cribbidaj

    animated short

    I'm posting this recent short animation I made with A:M with a note of thanks to everyone at Hash. Among others, Robert Holmén and Mark Largent have been extremely quick and helpful in answering questions and solving problems I encounter onVenriloquist Show.mov this journey of learning animation, and A:M in particular. This software and these forums are so very important to me - thank you!