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    AMD Athlon II X2 250 8 Gig DDR3 RAM GeForce 9600 GT 1G DDR5 RAM 1 500 Gig, 7200 RPM Hard Drive 1 100 Gig SSD AM v10.5, v13, v15, v16 AM v13T AM v14 Alpha AM v15j
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    To finish the Woke Up Dead project before...well before I wake up dead
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  1. Thanks for all the nifty advice. The website is really only one page. I'm simply using a carasoul technique to slide pages, but they are all there and being crawled. I've completely reworked the site so help me out and go check it out!!!
  2. Thanks for the feed back guys. I did in fact quit the oil rigs finally. I got so tired of being gone. I'm in the works of updating the sites apperance and info and your feedback is really helpful Fucher. Could you explain the drawbacks for me?
  3. I had the chance to design a website for my employer. It can be found here: www.stevenjohnsonconstruction.com It's a work that will be changing often so please help us get the word out and link it to your websites as well. Thanks all.
  4. Good point Rodney. Perhaps a trailer could garner community interest in contributing.
  5. Those are pretty cool. I'd say 10 seconds is a good jumping off point.
  6. Well originally the Rear Window project started with more musings from me. But it didn't take the route I envisioned so I backed out. Sorry about that. It's the director in me I suppose but it became bigger than I originally saw it. I wanted simple but the set and setup bloomed into a beast. I would like to see it finished so I think you should take the clips tie them together with a simple text transition between clips and call it good. What I'm speaking about now is a large scale movie project that I am more than willing to take charge of. I am of course speaking in terms of directing and coordinating here. I really enjoyed working on the tinman movie, though I only did a set and props I still had a good time doing it. And if there is anyone out there with ideas and perhaps think it'd be fun to do let me know. I envision something along the idea of merry melodies or something. Shorts linked together that do tell funny simple stories.
  7. I would love to attend but that is way outside my pocketbook. Times is hard, and money harder. I'll just have to cry and follow your pics.
  8. Point and Click games are some of the hardest to develop. And not because you need AAA content. The trick is in the puzzles. Even with Unity and great artwork if the puzzles fall into a click fest of just clicking wherever and hoping for the best, the game fails. But, with this and my attention focused on models for the movie progress sludges forward.
  9. The clever fellows are at it again
  10. Just me considering things James and the Giant Peach captured my imagination years ago when I read it. There are of course numerous good stories out there, Woke Up Dead being my all time favorite LOL (sorry, had to plug it). Of course Moby Dick is a good tale. The dynamics of creating ocean scenes and water dynamics would make that a truly interesting story to animate. But then again doing some fairy tale adaptions would also make for a cool project. Jack and the Beanstalk. Little Red RidingHood. Heck, Robinhood would be fun to alter and do. One that I think could use a redo would be the Tale of Peter Rabbit, which is a true classic. Anyone else have any input or interest? I ask because it's been a while since I saw a true stirring on the forums. I know large projects like this cause some to cringe, and everyone out there has a life. But then again AM has become more powerful in recent years. Please refrain from taking this forum and using it as an excuse to tell me WHY this is a bad idea. I don't want to hear them. If you just want to slam ideas around please feel free to let me know.
  11. Was wondering how interesting would it be to see another community movie based on James and the Giant Peach? I know Burton did a version, but how cool would it to see a version done in CG. especially powered by AM.
  12. Please keep in mind that this is a rough draft still. here's what I have so far. I shaped and tweaked the head a bit more. Not sure if I like it yet so it will probably change more. The body is my first pass and no details have been fleshed out yet. But he's shaping up. Note to everyone: those hands are the first I have modeled in 10 years or so.
  13. Also depending on the amount of work you have invested perhaps you should try a new project and start editing items one at a time. Place your models, place props, place lights one at a time. On each new addition render out a quick render to see if anything strange happens. This is how I find problems. One item at a time.
  14. I actually started with 3dsMax. I have dabbled with Maya a bit as well as other 3d packages. They all have their problems. The biggest being the learning curve. And they are steep. When I discovered AM I already new about modeling (though at the time I hadn't developed my skills) so I figured for the price what did I have to loose. Boy was I surprised!!! The curve is high as for learning but it's a much better curve, one that is quite attainable by anyone. But mainly that curve is really imposed by your own talents and willing to learn. I have to say I am a big AM fan boy!!! And will probably die of a heart attack if it's removed from the market. I wish the community would do another movie *shameful plug LOL*
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