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  1. Robcat I should have remembered that trick am putting it into action now. I have 12gb RAM so that should be 2gb per core which I think should be enough :-)
  2. Thanks chaps! My computer is a six core i7 3.3 ghz jobbie 980x. I will show a version of the render later but I have noticed a few other anomallies like patches rendering black. It might be that I am running Windaz 7 and this version was designed for XP... I am intrigued by what Rodney means by from the old the new... Was 15 a marked difference?
  3. Hi all! A very long time since I posted here :-) I am currently re-rendering my Bella Bear project at 1024 x 576 (16:9) HD ratio since it looks so dated in the format it is. I haven't done anymore work on the project but I just wanted to re-render it an familiarise myself with it again (all those hours I put into it). Anyway I have hit a stumbling block on one of the sections when it comes to rendering, I am getting perculiar shadows which I can get rid of using multi-pass but this ups the render times by a factor of four... I am using AM 14c, I know there is a newer version out th
  4. @Paul All I can do at this stage is point you at the website: Project Chapman 3D and say that the directors didn't want any Terry Gilliam style animations. The whole film is animation no real stuff and in a variety of styles, should be out in March. If you look at the website and the credits shoot you will see me prancing around there with all the other animators. Sorry if this is slightly off topic - back to Bella Bear :-)
  5. I did :-) Robcat, do you know if it wasn't for you I would ever have done that course at Animation Mentor and learned so much about animation. This led on to bigger things to - thanks buddy Really starting to enjoy being back with my old project. With all the stuff I have learned I will be applying it and trying to finish this project at last...
  6. After over a four year departure I have finally got around to revisiting my 'Bella Bear' project which some of you here might remember :-) I have taken one of my favourite shots from the short Bella Bear film I made back then and started to rework it following my spell at Animation Mentor and having worked on a few small film projects. Here is the original: Original And here is the newer version. Revisited It went a bit wonky at the end cos I added a refraction index to the glass on the spaceship of 1.4, but it is entertaining even if it isn't quite right. Better?
  7. Happy Birthday Gazz! :)

  8. Someone's enjoying themselves aren't they :-)
  9. Darn it! That's just what I was going to say Ken…
  10. Paul I like the set and the camera tracking is fun. As for the animation… well that is one fast rabbit, nearly faster than mine. But you need to add a lot more work to him to make it believable. Mind you you probably knew I was going to say that didn't you :-)
  11. Nice work m8, but I wouldn't like too say much about the walk cycle, other than it is definitely robotic. Delve into the 'Animators Survival Kit' to get a few tips! Eggprops did indeed do a raptor and here is the link Eggprops Raptor. This was done many moons ago but is still a great model with nice texturing - they used skylight for the rendering in those days sigh! Looking forward to seeing some improvements in the animation, I know you can do the texturing
  12. Dhar I was going point out a nasty CP on the characters face but it looks like everyone beat me Nice face there, although I wonder that that body it a tad too long? Coming along nicely, I'll bet your learning alot. I did with my first real model
  13. Is Thom trying to skate? If he is that's quite a nice movement. And, yes you're right the arms do need a little attention
  14. Nice splinage on that but the non-wire frame mode render needs to be a little lighter so we can see it better... Or did you render on a Mac? Never seen the show BTW so I don't have a clue how it compares...
  15. It's not just the great models that Stian makes, it's the rate at which he seems to turn them out... I can't keep up. Do you have a day job? Or is that modeling in AM? You must have quite a powerful PC to model in such detail, do you assemble separate sections in the choreography?
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