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  1. Robcat I should have remembered that trick am putting it into action now. I have 12gb RAM so that should be 2gb per core which I think should be enough :-)
  2. Thanks chaps! My computer is a six core i7 3.3 ghz jobbie 980x. I will show a version of the render later but I have noticed a few other anomallies like patches rendering black. It might be that I am running Windaz 7 and this version was designed for XP... I am intrigued by what Rodney means by from the old the new... Was 15 a marked difference?
  3. Hi all! A very long time since I posted here :-) I am currently re-rendering my Bella Bear project at 1024 x 576 (16:9) HD ratio since it looks so dated in the format it is. I haven't done anymore work on the project but I just wanted to re-render it an familiarise myself with it again (all those hours I put into it). Anyway I have hit a stumbling block on one of the sections when it comes to rendering, I am getting perculiar shadows which I can get rid of using multi-pass but this ups the render times by a factor of four... I am using AM 14c, I know there is a newer version out there but I am loathe to re-render everything in that version since it might break things. I have rendered over a third of the project out fine until now so I wondered that if there was a newer version of 14c it would fix tis problem. If I remember back seven years I had the same problem then but cannot remember how I fixed it... Any enlightenment appreciated :-)
  4. Happy Birthday Gazz! :)

  5. Beta has just arrived, does that mean you will be doing an OSX version real soon?
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