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  1. Finally finished with school. So now I can get back to my real show. I am working on getting a bunch of still images turned into a video. The version of FCPX that I am using is: The directions I am using are: In your FCPX preferences/settings, change the default still frame duration to 1 frame. Import all of your still image files into FCPX. Create a new project and drag all of your still images into the timeline. ‘Select All’ so that every image in the timeline is selected. Right click and select ‘Make Compound Clip’. Use your new compound clip as a video file in any regular project. Line 1 makes sense until you look at my preferences box: Still image Duration is set in seconds not frames. So I divided 1 second by 30 and got .03. I put that in and it still set each still image to about 15 frames. No bueno. Is there a way to either directly set the duration to frames, or set the units of time to frames? What am I missing Thanx for the help. Thumperness (David)
  2. I am sitting in a Maya class (No fights intended, just part of my degree) For texture mapping, you take the model, cut it into parts, make a seam, and unfold it flat so you can add the texture. What is the equivalent in A:M? Do we have a way of flattening?
  3. Very likely, the bow will be shooting a second arrow while the 1st arrow is still in the air. It will all depend on the timing. Right now I'm guessing the fire > reload > fire will take approx. 30 frames or less. While the lofting arc path of the arrow may take up to 90 frames.
  4. They just go right through and 'disappear'. There will be an effect that takes place on the target though.
  5. thumperness


    I still can't figure out how to reposition models in the Action Window. Also, are actions only used on models in the chor?
  6. I get it. I work in IT at Boeing SC.
  7. Just on a High Level, I wanted to make sure I knew what I am supposed to do in each window so I'm not trying the wrong thing in the wrong place. I only have 3 actions, that I can think of, in my current short but they involve what are now 3 different models. Mdl Window: Place the CPs and Patches (Make the model) Bones Coloring? Materials? Act Window: Make repeatable actions Chor Window: Place Models Lights Cameras Add Sound Effects? Make non-repeated / non-cyclical movements I have a mechanical contraption (model 1) that is firing a Bow (model 2). The arrow(s) (Model 3) will follow a path to wherever I aim the path at that time. Actions: Preparing to fire Fire and reload Finish and put the bow in its holder Flight of the arrow to target? I will probably need to do some kind of 'fire-and-forget' thing where I can fire an arrow on a path, have the machine reload and fire at a new target before the 1st arrow makes it to its target. So I'm guessing the flight of the arrow will be it's own action that begins by orientating to the arrow that is being fired. (Clear as mud?) I guess I'm just rambling now hoping something will stick...
  8. thumperness


    Is adding an Action Object different that importing a model into the action?
  9. thumperness


    Can you put more than one model in an action?
  10. This is Great!!! Now to ask for more. How about commands that use the mouse? Like attaching CPs to one another. (ie Shift-Left Click while in this command)
  11. Has anyone created a keyboard shortcut .pdf for new users? With things like what to press and click to attach CPs to each other How to connect bones etc...
  12. Welcome...Good to keep seeing new blood
  13. Thanx. This is a bow off the xtras cd. Let me see if I can redo the string.
  14. thumperness

    Bow String

    In the attached Project, why doesn't the string render? Please don't just fix it. Let me know what the issue is so I can fix it and learn. Thanks Music Bows.zip
  15. thumperness


    On the side of each post you can see people's avatar, name, # of post, etc. One of the things that can be there is: Programmer Yes/No If someone puts Yes as being a programmer, what does that mean as far as this board is concerned? I am a programmer at work, but I don't do anything for A:M like write plug-ins or anything like that.
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