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  1. Thank you Sir canadian animation master wildside!! A healthy year and lots of inspiration !!!
  2. Thanks Rob, my old teacher in basic pricsiples of animation.
  3. This years xmas card. A merry xmas and a verry happy new year to all of you! From a old user.
  4. My traditional yearly xmas card made in AM. I am not working so much lately in AM.Last two years a spended more time in traditional drawing.I have used AM to make 3d references for my pencil and paperwork. Each year when I work with it I injoy it very much. It brings up pleasant memorys to some of the members I have met on this forum since 1999 and who helped me a lot. Thank you for your kindness and help. Have a great xmas and a wonderful 2017! Marc.
  5. This is my last casino xmas card because I am going to retire in a couple of days. Partly drawn and partly maded in A.M.. I hope to be able to spend more time to A.M. and drawing in general in the near future. I wish you all a fantastic and healthy 2015 ! Marc.
  6. Yup, Sculpt3D was my first 3D program, also on the AMIGA. I recall rendering anything with shadows was painfully slow. You could watch the image form one line at a time and it was like it would snag and stop on every shadow. After three years I had about 60 seconds of spinning things rendered and made this video out of them... 6IiUwVFV2lY three years ?! You are really patient and devoted ! Things that in filmmaking in animation are required. Have a long and healthy live !!
  7. That is fabulous. When I started this benchmark the computer I had could manage it in 19 minutes, now mine can do it in about 4-5 minutes. But 89 seconds... that is impressive. Well the computer i used until one week ago did it also in 19 minutes and some seconds I did not matter for me because i am patient and rendered frames overnight when I was a sleep. In the morning frames were ready and I was as a child curious about santa's gifts to watch them. I have replaced the old beloved one with a more expensive one and then its easy to get those results when you spend a lot
  8. Re editing text is not so easy as I thought . Sorry for double posts.
  9. I bought a new computer last week - afraid as I was windows xp not beeing supported any more - and installed the latest version of A.M. on it today. Intel i7-4770k cpu 3.50 ghz. 16 gb. of ram Windows 7 premium 64 bit Geforce gtx 750 Ti 2 gb. A.M. 18.0 64 bit Result , 01:29 ! Very impressive !
  10. Here is my xmas card for this year enterrely made in the same magnificent program. Merry xmas and a happy 2014 to all of you! Feel free to use this card if you like it !
  11. Hello everybody , My xmascard for this year is ready. Entirely made in you guess what... a merry xmas. Marc
  12. Hello , my fellow Hashers , My yearly christmascard is a fact ! I have injoyed it a lot using this fantastic program! (My dear wife has done the snow in photoshop.) Made in version 13,00 You like it ? Comments please ? Greetings , Marc , ( a greatful Hasher )
  13. I am working on my every years christmas card. this year Santa is really in verry big trouble.Because of the crisis , financial recources have dried up.So he can not buy presents for the moment.Yet he has found a solution.Starting his own busines ! I do not know if the rendeers are going to like this ! What do you think ? Is he going to succeed ? Work still under construction , here is a glimp.Do not worry , it will be finished at time. Kind regards , Marc. Glad to be here again.
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