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  1. My traditional yearly xmas card made in AM. I am not working so much lately in AM.Last two years a spended more time in traditional drawing.I have used AM to make 3d references for my pencil and paperwork. Each year when I work with it I injoy it very much. It brings up pleasant memorys to some of the members I have met on this forum since 1999 and who helped me a lot. Thank you for your kindness and help. Have a great xmas and a wonderful 2017! Marc.
  2. This is my last casino xmas card because I am going to retire in a couple of days. Partly drawn and partly maded in A.M.. I hope to be able to spend more time to A.M. and drawing in general in the near future. I wish you all a fantastic and healthy 2015 ! Marc.
  3. Yup, Sculpt3D was my first 3D program, also on the AMIGA. I recall rendering anything with shadows was painfully slow. You could watch the image form one line at a time and it was like it would snag and stop on every shadow. After three years I had about 60 seconds of spinning things rendered and made this video out of them... 6IiUwVFV2lY three years ?! You are really patient and devoted ! Things that in filmmaking in animation are required. Have a long and healthy live !!
  4. That is fabulous. When I started this benchmark the computer I had could manage it in 19 minutes, now mine can do it in about 4-5 minutes. But 89 seconds... that is impressive. Well the computer i used until one week ago did it also in 19 minutes and some seconds I did not matter for me because i am patient and rendered frames overnight when I was a sleep. In the morning frames were ready and I was as a child curious about santa's gifts to watch them. I have replaced the old beloved one with a more expensive one and then its easy to get those results when you spend a lot of money. I spend it because it is the right moment - xp not beeing suported anymore- to go for some new hardware to replace my 8 year old computer.The fact that I am going to retire in 7 months and that I am goingl back to art shool and my devotion to A.M. speeded up my decision. And I am amazed about the results. My first rendering I have made was in 1989. As far as I remember it was called "sculpt 3d". It was done on a Amiga 500. Complicated program, so I rendered a existing model from the library , a verry simple coffee cup. The amiga needed more then 24 hours to render it !200 x 300 pixels , something like that. And yes , I was amazed !!!! At that time there was a demo circulating, calling "the juggler movie" demonstrating amiga's capability's to do graphic work. I think I can make a remake of that in one hour. in A.M.
  5. Re editing text is not so easy as I thought . Sorry for double posts.
  6. I bought a new computer last week - afraid as I was windows xp not beeing supported any more - and installed the latest version of A.M. on it today. Intel i7-4770k cpu 3.50 ghz. 16 gb. of ram Windows 7 premium 64 bit Geforce gtx 750 Ti 2 gb. A.M. 18.0 64 bit Result , 01:29 ! Very impressive !
  7. Here is my xmas card for this year enterrely made in the same magnificent program. Merry xmas and a happy 2014 to all of you! Feel free to use this card if you like it !
  8. Hello everybody , My xmascard for this year is ready. Entirely made in you guess what... a merry xmas. Marc
  9. Hello , my fellow Hashers , My yearly christmascard is a fact ! I have injoyed it a lot using this fantastic program! (My dear wife has done the snow in photoshop.) Made in version 13,00 You like it ? Comments please ? Greetings , Marc , ( a greatful Hasher )
  10. I am working on my every years christmas card. this year Santa is really in verry big trouble.Because of the crisis , financial recources have dried up.So he can not buy presents for the moment.Yet he has found a solution.Starting his own busines ! I do not know if the rendeers are going to like this ! What do you think ? Is he going to succeed ? Work still under construction , here is a glimp.Do not worry , it will be finished at time. Kind regards , Marc. Glad to be here again.
  11. Thank you for your comments. Go ahead , you can share this card on facebook.
  12. This is my christmascard for 2010 entirely made in AM. Everything has been modeled by myself except the drumset.( T.Y. drumset maker ) It has been made in honour for an old friend. A 76 old jazz mucisien with amazing great musical capacities who lives in andalusie spain.I met him again after 27 years.He has become older but his music impressed me in and have noticed -I thought it was not possible- has become better. A merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you. Greetings , Marc
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