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  1. Hey Gang, Has anyone tinkered with shattering glass? I'm guessing Newton would have to be used? Can it be directional shards such as this video clip? Here is a video clip of what I mean. glasss_shatters.mp4
  2. Thanks, but I think it was luck on my part.lol
  3. I swear, every time I get on this forum, it makes me truly realize it's not the software, but the artist behind the software! When you combine absolute talent with awesome software (A:M) you get these results. Top notch work M.C. and Marcos!
  4. Hey everyone, Wondered if anyone knew how to create bouncing particles with collisions? For instance, I'm doing something with a ton of soccer balls and wanted a bunch of soccer balls to fall from the top of the screen, bounce off a logo in the middle and land on the floor. Make sense? I can't seem to figure it out. Not sure how to control them. I know this is a big one, but any input would be so appreciated. Attached is screenshot of something I did with After Effects, but I know our beloved A:M could produce much better results with greater control... I just know it! Also, I attached a video clip of what I mean. Notice how the balls bounce off the 3D text in the middle, then bounce and roll on the floor. Best to all! Shawn bouncing_particles.mp4
  5. Hi Everyone, Here's a model I imported using the import tool. GREAT JOB AM! Originally it was the .obj format. Enjoy! bike.mdl
  6. Thanks guys! I will be doing my homework on this stuff. Thanks again!
  7. Hi All, Anyone know if it's possible to use AO or Fake AO and maintain nice reflections like this video clip? Thanks in advance! ao_reflections.mp4
  8. hey gang! my guess is that planet glow would give a texture such as this?
  9. i use a cheap fix... i render out just the group (make a separate model and render with alfa) and take the reflection only into after effects (composite on top layer) and then add the glow. yeah, it's a cheap fix, but i tend to get good results. would love it if am could do it all, but for now ae seems to fix the problem.
  10. new guy


    Thanks Robert! Great advice as always! I will try that. Thanks!!!
  11. new guy


    In the spirit of the new Tron movie coming out, I had some fun making this. Beginning stages as I have a looooooong way to go with tweaks and such. Let me know what you all think so far. Harsh and nice comments are all appreciated. cheers! soccertron.mov
  12. Hey Gang, Anyone know the best way to get similar lights? I mapped a TGA sequence and got some good results on a convex plane that was about 1/4 of a full circle. The thing I can't figure out is how to apply the TGA sequence to a circle. Just can't get it inside like this. Clues? Thanks in advance!
  13. Once again AM users and this forum proves to be the best! I can't say enough how wonderful you all are. I've been on other forums before and they were all ***holes. Happy Hashing!
  14. Hello Hashers, Anyone know how to add lines like this to a sphere? I tried adding the tga but didn't have luck. tears. Project files are here if you're bored. Cheers, Shawn att.zip
  15. Hey Robert! Does the current version of AM run on a 64bit PC?
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