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  1. Its still cheap. Most important question is whether YOU are in a dedicated state for a longterm purpose of doing something with Any software other than checking it out or tinkering with it to see if YOU can do something? New features arent going to make you suddenly becaome better if you didnt master the old ones. New features are for those who need to push themselves for more. Its animation master which means as you master it you need more to progress
  2. Im back after like 10yrs. No I wasnt in Prison!! Didnt kill anyone or rob a bank. Just busy in Life as an Old fart
  3. ok heres the support page update link to file ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/updates/windows/v15/ its actually under v15 folder. it will take you from version 13 to 15 Thats it all done!!!
  4. Clarify: i had same problem with v13 which was my last version. Now it Works fine on windows 10
  5. I had same problem with v13. But its fixed - its simple You need to go to update section and find the file 15.0j+ (See updated reply below) Its the octopuss logo splash screen. You may or may not need to do a clean uninstall/install ... which may include deleting registry entries with the name HASH...if you encounter the splash screen loading but the program doesnt fully load/show up. But install 13 first then the 15.0j+ file it should work. If the above mentioned splash screen thing fails to fully load program then you will need to Uninstall program then go into regedit - right click start - choose Run - type in regedit Under each of the headings -expand- HKEY_CURRENT_USER/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/HKEY_USERS and look for heading - then expand and find HASH entries and delete them. Also while under the heading at the bottom is also another subheading/heading called something like WOW32/WOW64 - which also MAY have HASH entries. Then do an install 13 then 15.0j+ file ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/updates/windows/v15/ -> its an AMCD file
  6. Not sure if this is 100% correct, but, the black bone will show up flashing even if nothing is assigned to it - if you click nothing in particular. Sorta like, just letting you know its still there kinda thing. Or even like, you clicked nothing in particular so Ill give you the black bone as something - even though you clicked nothing in particular. Just an afterthought guess.
  7. Haven't modeled anything complex for a while, so been at this One for about 3 weeks now. Figuring at least another week, just slowly tinkering with it on a daily basis. (I'm Not modeling a PS3 Version of the Rifle - Just using the PS3 Image as the basis for a finished Rifle) Here's the "RotoScope" Image being Used - NOT A FINAL RENDER! Here's the file of what I have so far (I'm on Version 14 Now) ->PS3_Rifle_14.prj 3/4 of the way there and still some holes that need filled. So far Only ONE real trouble spot, where the handle goes into the body (5 point patch not rendering properly). When finished: Not Seriously - just an Idea for use I'm thinking of something along the lines of a first person shooter perspective type of animation (just like the games) - only animated, (with the feel of a game through "actions" on the Rifle). A little ambitious, but could possibly work out to be an unusual project to keep in mind. If anyone has seen the movie "Doom" where they do the same thing in CG. I'm using A:M version 14
  8. If you want to fully understand the process of "How To Animate", watch the "Alison Kennedy" video demonstration on Hash videos page. You will fully understand how to animate with that tutorial. Also if you watch the Jeff Lew instructional video DVD (maybe try YOUTUBE), the Final part of that DVD he does a full animation sequence which is by far the best available for AM.
  9. Muff

    Nidaros Cathedral

    Fantastic work indeed! No one would argue.. So where is the COMMUNITY Model for download? Sharing should be the Focus for ALL A:M work - regardless. That is actually the slogan for the A:M Community - SHARING.
  10. cinematic kept my attention. Good camera attention.
  11. I have 2 models that just might fit the taste of this Post? Use Freely.... (You Might have to IMPORT these into an AM project?) Fortress.mdl Hut.mdl
  12. I read that it isnt compatible with newer versions? Thats why I never bought it. But Ill use it for older ones with the free download.
  13. From what I read(I could be wrong - but Im pretty sure): TSM2 will not work with newer versions of AM? I think it ends at like Version 11/12? Thats why its no longer continued because its not compatible with newer versions after these mentioned. But I have to say that Something better than TSM2 (for recent versions) is the "Barry ???" vids on rigging. They are the best alternative IMO.
  14. Updated: Added an Ear. Things are basic structures. Tried to clean up rough splines. JHead_Model_3_.zip
  15. Beginner to modify, base model, free for any use or modifications. took like 3 days to do. I only ask that any reworks be handed out freely as I did with this model - just a suggestion. New Zip model below.
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