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    MacBookPro 15" + 22" HD Monitor 2.66 GHz Intel 2 Core i7 8 GB RAM OS:10.8.5 Spyder4Pro (monitoring the monitors!)
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    I'd quite like one of those new Mac Pros
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  1. markw

    Mac Images seldom appear correct

    So, this old chestnut again! Maybe Rodney could pin the page in the link bellow for future easy finding by Mac users. The problem is most likely the NVIDIA cards that are in some Macs. Not all Macs have these cards, and so these lucky A:M users may never encounter this problem. Here is my original post from 2014 with a possible workaround: https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45848&do=findComment&comment=393775
  2. markw

    v19.0 Release

    To see which SSE instruction sets your intel chip Mac has, open Terminal and type or copy/paste the following: sysctl machdep.cpu.features
  3. Yes it’s been reported and investigated by Steffen, See my post here: https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45848&do=findComment&comment=393775
  4. markw

    A:M fix for Mac OS "Mavericks"

    Please somebody at Hash take this post by a.quaihoi seriously and look into this. I'm job less and nearly homeless right now but I would still try and find money from somewhere to put into a crowd funded development of the Mac A:M. Also let me say that Steffen has done great things keeping the Mac version going all by himself this long and I salute him for that but he is just one man.
  5. markw

    Niki and Snail

    Just tried your idea there Rob and yes things started crashing again. So it looks like it is being caused by a bad JPG.iio package in v18h. Will let Steffen know. Well looks like some else has already reported the jpeg problem and Steffen has fixed it for v18i when it's ready! (I suppose before then if people are desperate they can try my workaround)
  6. markw

    Niki and Snail

    Where would we all be without you Rob! I copied the JPG.iio package from v18g's ImagesIOS folder and replaced the one in v18h with it and we are good to go again! No more crashes.
  7. markw

    Niki and Snail

    Both .jpeg and .jpg extensions will crash my v18h.
  8. markw

    Niki and Snail

    Thank you all for taking time to try the models. After more prodding and poking I think my loading/crash problem is being caused by some of the decals. Looks like the Mac version of 18h dose not like .jpegs! If I change them to, say .png or .tga the models can be loaded. So any other v18h Mac users having this problem with .jpeg?
  9. markw

    Niki and Snail

    I recently found that two of my models will not open in v18h, indeed attempting to do so will always crash v18h! However all other versions of A:M are quite happy to load them which seems strange to me. So I thought I would post them here (in the attached .zip file) and maybe others would like to see if they can load them in v18h and maybe determine if there is something about v18h that needs reporting to Steffen. Also as this is the time for giving do feel free to keep and use the models in your own work as you wish. The bass models I re-splined and developed them from are both on the Extras DVD. A model just called "Woman" I think for Niki and "Meta Bean" for the snail. They're perhaps not brilliantly rigged (it's really not my thing!) but they did what I needed them to do at the time. Niki&Snail.zip
  10. markw

    The Saucy Rig (Version 1.5)

    What a great Christmas gift for the A:M community Something for me to get to grips with in the new year. Thank you so much for doing this Mack!
  11. markw

    Buying a coffee shop

    Right Click anywhere in the modelling window and choose 'Refind Normals'. That should get everything facing the right way again. But in truth, not always I've found! Still it should do the majority of the work for you. In the attached example it scored 100%. Also, I have 'Show Back Facing Polys' "OFF" in the render sittings in the example which leave "holes" where the offending patches are which makes spotting them easier. If you have areas of incorrect patches you can group select them. Then right click inside the bounding box of the selection and choose 'Flip Normals'. And then lastly there is the 'Patch Group Mode' tool in the 'Modelling' toolbar (or shift+P to activate it) you can use if only needing to do a few scattered patches.
  12. markw

    Ska Lake

    Not to worry Simon, it hides sometimes! Tools > Options… > Rendering Tab. Set 'Quality' to Realtime' and the 'Show Back Facing Polys' option will become available. Once set to 'OFF' you can put 'Quality ' back to what ever you want and then press 'OK' Can't help but think this option would be better accessed from the Modelling tab…
  13. markw

    Ska Lake

    Well we're getting there Simon! Looking at your sample model I see a lot of patch normals facing the wrong way (plus internal patches within the walls). You could try setting all wall normals to face outwards that might help with the light leaks. When modelling if you have 'Show Back Facing Polys' set to OFF in the Render Dialog Options window, any patches with wrong facing normals will appear see-through, so much easier to catch early on.
  14. markw

    Ska Lake

    Ah, right thanks for your Edit update Nancy. I think I'v found the culprit! Toon With Multiple Lights needs to be selected for it to work properly.
  15. markw

    Ska Lake

    Hi Simon, OK so I downloaded your .prj you just posted and opened it in 18b as well. I set the Toon line thickness to 0.5 (initially it said 1.5) and then did a screen render. That's ALL I did to the .prj. My Render Options are set to use "The Camera". Mine looks very different to yours I'm confused too Am I missing some other Toon render settings that you have going on some place ells? (I've never realy used Toon much so I may have missed something)