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    I like to write(even though I have not written much),draw, and now I am trying to get my feet wet in 3D animation.
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    Nvidia 9000 series
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    I want to learn how to model.
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    I want to make my own animated movies.
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    I want to make my own animated series.
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    Douglas Pendleton
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  1. Okay I will get on the bouncing ball tonight.
  2. I just started collecting these. I have Godzilla, a titan fall 2 one, and a few others.
  3. I was in India so I am late to this,please sign me up.
  4. I remember her having braces.
  5. I am down for this. I need to get my feet wet yet again.
  6. I would really like to see that happen down the line myself.
  7. Yes!!!! I can't wait to see this.
  8. Oh yeah Barry does some good stuff in his tutorials. He is a genius in just about any program he touches.
  9. I know "It can't be decaled" is a good tutorial and all but let me stop and say that "Heart of glass" is the tutorial of the year. Question though are you going to finish that one?
  10. I missed it because my dang computer went nuts on me.
  11. Oh boy just when I am trying to save for a 3D printer.
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