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    I like to write(even though I have not written much),draw, and now I am trying to get my feet wet in 3D animation.
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    Nvidia 9000 series
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    I want to learn how to model.
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    I want to make my own animated movies.
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    I want to make my own animated series.
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    Douglas Pendleton
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  1. I had to come here to say I have pledged, I cannot wait to watch it.
  2. I am late to this, I wonder what happened to her and now I know. R.I.P. I really liked watching her clips.
  3. Okay I will get on the bouncing ball tonight.
  4. I just started collecting these. I have Godzilla, a titan fall 2 one, and a few others.
  5. I was in India so I am late to this,please sign me up.
  6. I am down for this. I need to get my feet wet yet again.
  7. I would really like to see that happen down the line myself.
  8. I am sure this will be a great moo-vie(argh). I am liking the trooper.
  9. Man you can use my name. I have no problem. No Steve you're totally correct about the skirting board. It needs adding in. The issue I'm having is that the school model became so complicated with so many parts that it now takes forever for A:M to respond when I ask it to do anything. So I've started making separate models that match the dimensions of the area I'm working on, building the interiors and then assembling it all within the choreography. So at some point I'll be making a model that's the corridor details and that will include skirting boards. Doug - thanks for the support. Do you mind Doug or prefer Douglas? Same with all the forum guys. We all have User names but we tend to use our real names when talking to each other. But I for instance hate Danny (personal) as an abbreviation of my name. So what does everyone prefer? Rodney or Rod? Robert or Rob etc. Funny thing is I was thinking about Daniel Bryan the wrestler, I was like I am going to type Dan but I guess my WWE mind took over.
  10. Wow these are some zany looking characters. I love it.
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