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  1. You should be able to turn this off with the camera's "Camera Frame" property.
  2. Just watched it. I really enjoyed it! Shagadabdubity great.
  3. Noel


    See http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?s=&sh...ndpost&p=175164
  4. Sorry I've got to much on my plate to go back and figure out what would need to change to get it to work in v11.1 (that is assuming the v11.1 sdk supports it) I feel bad, but I'd feel worse not suporting the users who do upgrade.
  5. The alpha version of the InstallRig.hxt plugin is released. Thanks to David and everyone who made this possible. See the link above for more info.
  6. An alpha version of the RigInstall.hxt plugin should be released in a few days. It will allow you to: position the Install bones as per the instalation instructions, and then from the model's context menu you'll pick Plugins, Wizards, Install Rig. It will remove the Install bones and show the geometry bones reparenting and attaching to parent the bones it needs. Then all you'll have to do is the bones mode cp assignment.
  7. Rig Installer plugin is roughed out, baring any misconceptions in my design, it should be ready early next week.
  8. Hi David I'll give writing a plugin a go today. It will move and then remove the install bones and attach the first child bone to parent if specified. First off, congrats on a great job. I know how much work this is! I tried installing the rig yesterday. It took me just under 2 hours to get to step 14. Step 14 took me right around 2 hours, this should be all replaced by the rig installer plugin. I accidentally deleted a bone I shouldn't have in there, so I couldn't continue on to step 15. Notes: It may be a good idea to mention in the install.pdf that scaling of the install bones should always be done in xyz (the corners of the manipulator) unless stated otherwise. step 6) foot rotate INSTALL, maybe it should only be rotated on the x axis? as it seems to be correct in the other axes already. step 7) neck install needs scale mentioned too I think. step 8) shoulder install could parent hand install, or would rotating/scaling the hand install mess it up? for the hand install translate, scale part; is it ok to rotate the hand install or only scale it? step 9) I had to unhide the shoulder, bicep and forearm bones for this step. step 10) left ring install black bones were hidden I found it easiest to position the finger install bones if I first translated them from the top view so that their pivot was at the main pivot of the finger. Then I turned so each finger was pointing straight at me then rotated the install bone to point straight at me and translated it to the center of the finger. I scaled the finger install bones so that the black finger bones ended at the finger tip. step 14) I found a few typos in the bone names too, most of which have already been mentioned, I'll list all that I found though. left_forearm_INSTALL_base_bone/hips/chest_and_arms_to_chest_target_SQUETCH/left_shoulder_FK/right_bicep_FK has right_bicep right_hand_carpal_middle_INSTALL_base_bone/rightunderscoregeom missing hand? INSTALL_model_bone a couple of these (sounds like you already got them) found an errant bone shortcut in a relationship. Relationships\user props\animation_controls\right_arm_FK_IK\Bones\right_hand_INSTALL Thanks agian for all of your hard work! I haven't gotten to the cp assignment step, but I think once the rig installer plugin this rig will be as easy or easier to install than the 2001 rig.
  9. I'll put it back like it was....I think Noel was just thinking about preventing accidental squetching. Noel just didn't know what he was doing My point was that bones that shouldn't be translated etc should be locked.
  10. It may be that you made a pose but didn't turn it on. On the model's properties set the value you want on the userproperty corrisponding to your pose. They default to not set, but you can chage that to what ever you want there, then each new action will start with those values. Otherwise you have to set the pose values in each new action. See the characters' users properties on the cd
  11. Looking good! I've got some more suggestions. You could use manipulator options to have bones like "hips lower controller" that don't usually translate not be able to translate. left_toes_IK_manual_pointer is another one I noticed. I may be wrong here, but I bet you could get away with just one chain in the arms and legs, ie do away with the "r/l arm/leg ik elbow/knee" system if the ik system just did an ik constraint on the "bicep right fk controller" to the Ik hand target. Would make it much more straight forward.
  12. Don't completely understand your question, but I'll try to answer it anyways. If you add a pose or smatskin to a model, you can use those poses or smartskins in any new or existing actions. Only catch is that if these actions are in another project you'll need to save this project before the other project will be able to use those poses. (This means that your model must be saved as a seperate file (linked instead of embedded in the project) for the other project to be able to use it.
  13. Fixed this for v12.0n thanks.
  14. Most of the characters I've seen had a similar FK arm manipulation...I was going for a true FK making nothing move unless you specifically moved it, but, I have to agree that it is more intuitive the way you have it. You would have to be more conscious of what was moving where with a true FK. The v13 addition will be very cool. Forgot to mention this; with the chained, forearm limited, method you can also lock the forearm during animation or by a pose and then it will be true FK again. I do think it should be unlocked by default though. Thanks for the quick changes David!
  15. Yep make an expression that drives a pose slider that displays numbers that match the pose sliders position. You could do this lots of ways. One way would be to animate a decals's image's frame property in the pose.
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