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  1. Roger makes an excellent point Rich. Your daughter should either try a double major or a major and minor. Like business administration and or finance. Working at a studio, or any company frankly, is all about operations and finance. Again not something that teens can really grasp as sexy, glamorous or fun but absolutely necessary. All the best to you and your family, Keith
  2. I highly recommend she get a traditional degree, AA, AS, BA, BS in fine art. Teens don't want to hear that but in all honestly drawing, painting and sculpting are core concepts that carry over to every other branch of design including concept, character, and game design. She should go to a local junior college and get all her core classes out of the way and major in fine art with a heavy emphasis on drawing especially if she has never picked up a pencil before. It will save her a lot of time and aggravation and money. She should then look at industrial design. I also recommend she watch
  3. Here is a list from upcomingcons.com. I filtered out all shows not in the continental USA. Perhaps A:M users in these states can give specific details as to the types of shows. I will look into the ones specifically for Florida and get back with you. Midwest Media Expo Detroit, MI April 10-12, 2015 East Coast Comicon Meadowlands Exposition Center, NJ April 11-12, 2015 AMAZICON Essington, PA April 17-19, 2015 Big Wow! ComicFest San Jose, CA April 18-19, 2015 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo Chicago, IL April 24-26, 2015 Bangor Comic & Toy Con!
  4. Dragon-Con Orlando Comic Expo Orlando Mega Con South Florida Super-Con
  5. Really excellent work. My only suggestion, if you haven't given it any thought yet, would be to randomize the placement of the chairs and salt and pepper shakers as it looks too perfect.
  6. Rob, I converted it to QuickTime. Tom, If you scrub through the QT file you can see it appears to be multiple copies of the same "smoke" image, layered and rotating and growing at different rates. It appears that you could do this with a particle emitted sprite that rotates, grows, and changes color over time. SmokeQuestion.mov
  7. Rob, If you have time, shoot a video of yourself or someone in a bathtub and composite the "tub shark" into the scene. I'm cracking up thinking about the possibilities.
  8. Robert, That actually looked better than the VFX for Sharknado. I think you can get yourself a gig with SYFY and upgrade their CGI.
  9. John, That was really a nice candle animation all around. Very subtle. Is the dripping wax an animated texture map or actual geometry?
  10. Rob, Very cool applications. Each has interesting properties. The bottom one almost passes for aluminum foil with some minor tweaks.
  11. Jeff, thanks. Too bad for us your not comfortable(?) making videos. Not everyone has Rob(cat)'s knack for that. What program did you use to paint your textures.
  12. Jeff, I really like this last render. The hair looks better than the previous render. Like she switched to Pantene for fuller body and healthier shine. Also, would you post another wireframe, and perhaps some wire/material composites with some close ups of the hands, boots, . I'm trying some modeling and I'm trying to get good reference for what to model versus what is a texture map. Further it would be terrific, time permitting, if you would do a 5 or 10 minute video on your process on this project. I believe this would be very inspirational, not only for myself as well as the com
  13. Since we're speaking in hypotheticals what about HA:M
  14. Addressing the logo. I prefer the logo Jim created simply because it removed the colon. When Hash first started there were at least two different versions apprentice and master. The software was predominately referred to as Hash Animation and the colon delineated whether you had apprentice or master. It now appears that more people drop the proper name Hash and refer to the program simply as Animation Master. The colon is therefore rendered useless as it has the effect of bifurcation of the programs name. My opinion would be to drop it completely.
  15. Tore, I dig your logo design. I have read and seen enough here and there to know A;M is like my friend who refuses to wear something that doesn't look like he pulled it out of a hamper or off the floor to go out. He's just not into fitting someone else's notion of who he should be and there's something charming about that.
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