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  1. Still no luck. Well my study into the Bone to Spring constraint was somewhat enlightening. Here I have the nose softbody driving the ear bone. Or at least try to imagine it as such. I'm still learning the ins and outs of modeling. bone2spring.avi
  2. FYI your video isn't playing on my side. it's stuck as a blank player. In the TechRef there is a mention for two additional constraints called Mass to CP constraint and CP to Mass constraint on page 169 but I can't find it anywhere! 😰 I wanna see what I can do with the bone to spring constraint now. Hope some cool effects can be made in conjunction with that.
  3. I've been playing with the Cloth Wizard and it came to me that I don't want to create the cage manually anymore. Haha looks tedious! Best to do it backwards where the Wizard will create the cage and I can delete the springs I don't need. I find it can have some real use case where it can fulfill effects that's just impossible to do with SimCloth or with Dynamics Constraints like this jelly thingy I made jelly.avi
  4. @robcat2075 Ok so I created a simple animation of a nugget and in the Muscle mode I selected four splines in the middle section of the model and ran the Cloth Wizard. What I gather is that to create the jiggly part, you'd need to model a spring cage with a "mass" particle constrained to each CP you'll want to jiggle. Then you'd have to change the spring that's connected to each "mass" particle to one of either 3 types like Structural, Fold or Shear. Only the mass particle that's not fixed will jiggle while those that is set to Fixed will remained unaffected by the simulation (it would be surrounded along the border). The Cloth Wizard does a great job at setting everything up automatically. But for the life of me, I can't find how to constrain the CP to the mass particle if I want to create the softbody cage manually. All that's available is a mass to bone constraint. Any idea how to add constraints to CPs?
  5. Is the spring system dead? Also will there be any tutorial on how to apply softbody in parts of a character?
  6. I found a cool video on how to do Rail Sweep with the Sweeper plugin in A:M. Sweet.
  7. Hey all, its been a tough few months but I'm really doing all I can to learn this beautiful app. Just need some help on a few things on modeling if y'all can be so helpful to clarify how it's done. When I select CPs to hide or lock, it will do the operation on the unselected CPs instead. Is there a way to reverse this feature? Can't seem to find it in the settings. Also I use to monkey about in NURBS back in the day when foolin around with Rhino and was wondering if there's any way to do a Rail Sweep or a loft? Seems like I'm just stuck with lath and extrude. I'll keep this thread active with my modeling progress and hope to really excel in this wonderful app.
  8. Hey all. I just bought a subscription not too long ago and really love the experience I'm having. This software truly is a gem and I hope to grow my abilities in it's vast tools. I'm also excited to know if there's any future developments to look forward to. Any way to know if there's something cooking in the kitchen? Haha 😁
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