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  1. hey Mark the models are great...I want to see more...
  2. Here are the links for more models http://p3d.in/ki7im http://p3d.in/8Gzp6 http://p3d.in/3ItAT http://p3d.in/6sNIG http://p3d.in/ebh2i http://p3d.in/6QOBl more to come later...
  3. greetings thefreshestever...there are 8 models uploaded, cliking on my nick (nino_banano) can see all, but this if you are loging in ...the models may have a little holes in the mesh, this is be cause the OBJ format don´t support double hooks, hooks in triangles, and hooks near to where the spline changes direction...some models need to fix that...so I´m going to fix them later...I like how you con see the whole model cliking the left / right, mouse´s buttons and scrolling the middle wheel to zoom it...
  4. Just the last week I found this site and I think is a good option for show your models, 100 mb for free, and the navigation to the models is with the mouse, as closer as you want in any degree, you can see the wires and turn 360 degrees as well, all you need is to export the model in OBJ with the normal outside and ready...I uploaded some without textures... here the link... http://p3d.in/8BYBB
  5. Very well done Robert...a lot of views... I like a lot the animated...congrats!
  6. that's very cool agep...have you used some character?...
  7. great work ...only 4 months...go ahead you have a great future in 3D world...congrats
  8. Hi muff...relax...yeah the hunter is a great model, Joe Williamson is a great modeler as well...so, I think everyone has the chance to do a good model with AM...I know is not easy to do it...the really important here is to study and practice a lot to do it...AM has the tools and enought workflow to do it...but you have to practice hard and the most important thing...be patience...I recommend to know how the AM tools works, take notes about references pictures and try to understand the complex of the human body to make a model like hunter...I mean, if someone did it, why you don´t ...if you work hard maybe we will see in this forum a model done for you better than hunter...
  9. Happy birthday TheSpleen & ptiversen for 01/01/2011...and Haikalle for today
  10. firstly Happy New Year ...Best wishes to the hash community...I going to continuous using AM again, so I did not for the last 10 months... and finish some characters I was working on ...and maybe do a short animation with them...
  11. Thanks and same to you...Merry Christmas...Greetings
  12. Thanks to everybody for the comments...looking in my computer I found a rigging version of this model, so it has many maladjustments, I going to fix this problems for update it later...greetings
  13. Hi steve392 enjoy it, so it needs a lot of work to rigging, greetings
  14. This character has only color groups, it needs to be rigged, I hope it be useful for someone, feel free to use it and do modifications as need it...let me know if there are troubles to open etc...greetings MUSCLE_NO_BONES.zip
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