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  1. DrPhibes

    Rotoscopes not saved in Actions

    So the rotoscope does not save for me the way you describe. Also, as I tried to use the technique described in Rodney's post about decaling the rotoscope onto a plane, I discovered that the software crashes when ever I try to decal an image sequence. Bummer.
  2. DrPhibes

    Rotoscopes not saved in Actions

    So in my further test, if the project is saved with the action window open, the rotoscope is saved. If the window gets closed, rotoscope goes away.
  3. DrPhibes

    Rotoscopes not saved in Actions

    OK, not sure what happened. This time when I reopened the file, the rotoscope was there! Weird.
  4. I had created an action and placed a rotoscope to use as some movement reference. Saved my project, and when I came back and opened it a day later I found that the Rotoscope was not retained in my action file. This meant that my scale and translate settings (that I had not written down) were gone. This may have always been the case since I can't remember ever opening a rotoscope in an action window, but I was hoping that someone knew if this is an error or just the way it is. I did find that I could use Rodney's suggestion here to solve the issue, but it seems like a silly thing to not be able to hold the rotoscope settings. Thanks,
  5. This one will be a year or two, but someday
  6. Glad this is not just me. I thought I was missing something.
  7. I had thought of this, but the trick is that I wanted the shapes in one model for a decal trick I was using. I can do what you propose, but it complicates the decal. Also, it is so much easier to animate the structure from the pose sliders. In the end my work-around does the job, but it would be nice to just share content from one slider channel to another. I may rebuild the thing to use actions later though.
  8. Hi all, I have looked through the forums for an answer to what I am missing here, but have not found an answer. I have a simple set up. 13 rings in a single model that expand and contract. Each ring has a separate percentage pose that provides that motion. In the Chor I am timing the expansion and contraction to a piece of video using the pose sliders. There are moments where I would like to set three or four key frames in the timeline for ring number one, then copy and paste those key frames into the pose for ring number two on. This way I am animating one ring and not manually setting key frames for the other twelve. Simply using "copy and paste" did not work. My quick work-around was to set a frame on all the rings and then open the project in notepad and next copy and paste from the pose of ring one to the poses of ring two onward. It work well to do that, but how do you do it in the app? Attached is a sample file similar to what I have built. I am sure someone will ask why I don't use bones and an action or something, but I have it setup this way for a very good reason. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, CB Cube Pose Test.prj
  9. DrPhibes

    Avalanche Software Back in Action

    This of course isn't to say Disney uses A:M... they certainly don't in any official capacity... but rather that the software they do use has undeniably benefited through it. I can confirm that A:M has been used to design multiple pieces for the various theme park. CB