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  1. case

    Star Wars AT-AT

    Clonewar...I think he was trying to test the movements. And my advice to your next test is to try to capture the weight of this massive AT-AT I recommend watching star wars...well on second thought just look up on youtube AT-AT walk cycle LOL. Keep Posting, Case
  2. case

    Star Wars AT-AT

    To add on to what I said earlier you truly captured every detail there is! You are one skilled modeler tralfaz! I look forward to seeing more of your work! Case
  3. case

    Mix with a real video

    Yes there is a way cg and live action talk to ddustin about that buddy!!
  4. hye man what up!

  5. hey case, working on anything lately? I havent really seen any of your work in animation master. Post some stuff if you make something cool.


  6. hey man whats goin on?

  7. aight hey man working on one right now whats your e-mail ive got to stay i touch with!

  8. Hey Connor, how's it going man? Got any cool projects in the works? Jimmy is a character I created, real name is Lee, you can call me whatever, though :)

  9. nice to see your helping us

  10. case

    Hey man we neer get to talk anymore aight man talk too ya l8ter

  11. Yeah i know ok i get it thanks!
  12. Wait what now tell me the steps i need to do to use this!
  13. Well paul me and my game staff tried the download version and it says failed Not sure why can you help me out there? Connor Case
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