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    CPU - AMD PHENOM II X4 955 3.2 GHz AM3 RAM- 4GB Corsair Memory DDR3 1600 (2 x 2gb) HDD- 500GB SATA Hard Drive Motherboard - AM3 MSI 770-C45 - DDR3 1600x4 770-C45 chipset Graphics - 1024Mb GTX460 PCI Express Nvidia DDR DVI DX11 PSU - Powercool 650W High Efficiency Black PSU Optical Drive - DVD+/- RW - 20X Samsung Lightscribe OS - Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit
  1. This is fantastic great work everyone !!
  2. I think I have completed the first half of those instructions correctly but its just the second half of them i dont understand: To close that lathe hole, click on 1 of the looping splines (A) hit K to break it. Click on the other looping spline (cool.gif so it highlights towards the center, hit DELETE to delete it (you can't break it, when you've worked with splines more you'll have a feeling for why) Meld the 2 center cp's, then meld the side one in.
  3. Im going though alonsos tutorial's (http://www.hash.com/amtutes/Bootcamp/index.html) and am having trouble understanding what he means. I'm currently on the second page on the first instruction (http://www.hash.com/amtutes/Bootcamp/two.html) and can't understand what he is getting at. I have attached my project file of what I think he means Character.prj
  4. As the titles suggests: Why cant I send Private messages on the hash forums?
  5. Thanks,, Looks like ill have to make a lulu account then *sigh*
  6. These seem great just what I'm looking for. Is there anyway of contacting him before I buy them as I can't find an email address anywhere.
  7. I thought I'd try out my newly learnt skills. I started to create a very rough character to understand more about how patch's work and how to attach different body parts together. I've attached the project file have a laugh LOL. Are they any video tutorials worth buying just for modelling. I found the SIGGRAPH 99 making a female figure rather useful but with the poor quality its kinda hard to follow myfirst_model.prj
  8. I've seen this website quoted around these forums a few times and was always put off by its uninviting layout of just plain text with a few images. I finally decided to make myself read it and complete the exercise. I must say its helped clear loads of things up, so helpful. I never knew you could select a spline with the "," . I can now patch the end of shapes =) Extremely helpful. Shame he never finished the tutorial and I doubt it ever will be looking at the date. Thanks Guys
  9. Any updates as of where these tutorials an be found?
  10. I see now thanks so much. Thanks for all your time and help, ill look at those spline tutorials to further embed my understanding. Thanks again for being patient hopefully I'll beable to make some nice models now
  11. There I cant understand it whats_going_on.prj
  12. Yes they are connected I will send you the A:M project file in a min
  13. Thanks for your help but when I try to replicate your model I still don't get a patch: What am I doing wrong?
  14. The one exeption is a 5-point patch can be one spline since it has an option to turn it into a patch or leave it as is. Why not implement a button to make any amount of cps a patch instead of just five?? Funny number
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