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  1. R Reynolds

    Adding action objects with multiple actions

    Thanks for your efforts Robert. I don't think I had ever used that frame block view of a chor. After watching your experimentation I decided to start from scratch to see if I could reproduce it using a new project, chor and just the tree trunk and branch model ... and I couldn't … still had the same problem. After playing around fruitlessly with the various parameters you suggested I wondered whether my problem was related to the fact that I was using the same model as an action object in both actions. And sure enough when I made the second action with a renamed copy of the branch model, everything worked as you had shown and as I had expected in the first place. So I'll have to re-think my plan to populate a distant tree with only one branch model. Thanks again.
  2. R Reynolds

    Adding action objects with multiple actions

    I'm sorry Robert I don't know to what your referring...red bar...getting compressed? If it helps, here's two screen grabs showing either one or the other action object sets being visible.
  3. I'm attempting to add parts to a model in a choreography using multiple actions, each action containing many action objects. When I add the first action, all the objects within it appear in the chor. But if I add another action, the previous one disappears. I read the manual about action objects and assumed the problem was related to "Hold last frame", "Transition to next action" and "Blend method". I thought the best combination was ON, ON & ADD. However I can only see one of the actions if the "Hold last frame" of the other is turned OFF. What am I missing?
  4. R Reynolds

    Making the Solid Spoked Wheel

    Nice modeling, Robert. It looks to me like your making a one of those old, railroad hand (pump) cars. It probably comes too late but if you can use any more detailing, I can offer all parts from this one.