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  1. Last night's Animation Showdown topic was "Get down from there!" Our characters had to carefully get down from a high spot. I had the character animation going at four hours but the version you see here adds three hours of work to animate the boxes all the way to the ground. QT Sorenson 3 204KB GetDown30.mov
  2. That's nice motion. It's a shame it's your "last."
  3. Strange, yet charming. Troubling, yet amusing.
  4. When I was little I met Neil Armstrong and shook his hand, but he was just wearing a suit and tie at the time.
  5. Ain't it shockin'? But I was trying to put that "lead the body motion with the hips" principle into practice. The first thing I did was stretch the sound loop out in Sound Forge so that it was EXACTLY (not "almost", not "nearly", not "pretty close to") 2 beats per second, aka 12 frames per beat. Then I tried to animate the bounces to land on every 12th frame. Sounds obvious, but I've failed enough times before at that scheme that I was quite surprised when it slapped together just right with no time to spare. Yup. The arm movement was a desperate last second addition. And the head's not doing anything.
  6. Ask him here! I love reading this sort of nuts and bolts animation stuff.
  7. A fine lookin' roach. He looks like he's been polishing his exoskeleton. I should do mine more often.
  8. That's a ton of robots! Reminds me of the SNL sketch where senior citizens were buying robot insurance. They look quite promising. I look forward to seeing them crush , kill and destroy!
  9. Great Gnome! Very thin and scandinavian looking. I have relatives like that. Yeah, the first thing I noticed was the beard. "How's he ever going to animate that?"
  10. Another frantic stab at the digitalrendering.com four-hour animation showdown Last night's topic was "Dance." Had grander visions but... oh well The soundloop by "DrLoop" was from Flashkit.com 234KB QT Sorenson3 dance.mov
  11. Interesting logo treatment. How about if the laser beam were brighter? It does have a glow to it but the core seems too dark for something that hot.
  12. Fine work! It's wonderful to see a great character step out of the modeling window and stretch his legs.
  13. Ha! That's very amusing! I might swing the hands a little bit less, and tilt them out (with palms down) for that "i'm trying to be elegant" look. Like Thurston Howell doing Ginger Grant.
  14. Looks cool! I think the wings would need to beat through a more substantial and vigorous range of motion to get that creature off the ground. Fantasia has some neat pegasuses in it.
  15. Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! I was pleased with how this one turned out. I'm still a novice though and I'm afraid some of the best things about that clip were happy accidents while messing with the channels. I'll note those and keep them in mind for future outings. I'm sweatin' to make it! Getting anything done in a reasonable amount of time wouldn't be feasible without a good rig, which in this case is the Anzovin TSM rig. I like it because it makes it makes classic contrapposto poses easier to construct. Brought to you by A:M Dynamic Constraints!
  16. My entry in last night's four-hour animation showdown at digitalrendering.com. The topic was "a rough landing." (QT Sorenson3 143KB) rough_landing320.mov
  17. Great looking Stuff! That bump map reminds me of the grandfather in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  18. Crazy people never know they are crazy. However, I did DL your project and see the same problem you do... I can advance to any frame then step back and the particles won't be positioned in the same way they had been before. Upon stepping back the smoke things seem to take on a more orderly, circular arrangement as if a turbulence was being omitted. Just a guess. I don't think this is the way it's supposed to work; particles are supposed animate the same no matter where you jump into your animation. If that's not true then rendering in passes for compositing purposes would be a hopeless technique in A:M, no? If you need to get this sequence rendered quickly in one "take", how about a 4-pass "multipass" render. I got 640x480 frames in about 35 seconds each that way and they didnt' look bad. There was detectable aliasing only on the ship itself and since it's crashing into the ground... who's going to notice? This is a neat looking shot you're putting together. Since you've got it all zipped up, you might as well ask the Hash folks about it. Either there's an A:M reason it's doing this, or it's misbehavior that needs to be corrected.
  19. Thanks, Alonso. #7 was great, I think I voted for it! I'm impressed at how well the others do too... even without Animation:Master.
  20. I tried running A:M in the background and did the first 60 even frames at 320x240. Render times went from 4 mins at start to 40 mins at end. It's quite a globulous liquid! It sort of resembles oil in water. (QT Sorenson3 123KB) water30.mov
  21. My stab at last nights Animation Showdown. Actually the topic was "Cat Burglar! steal something valuable" but I was trying to do this in some way that didn't call on the ghost of Preston Blair. Again, some of the other entries were knock-outs, far above my results. QT Sorenson3 287KB steal_something_valuable.mov
  22. I really love the fact that you've found a way to use A:M that doesn't involve starcruisers, dragons or double D's.
  23. Hey looks neat! I saw two facets flicker out just briefly but otherwise it looks like the transition to Flash went well.
  24. Hey cool! That looks like hip, now, happening stuff. Was there some sort of display situation that prompted the unusual aspect ratio?
  25. BTW, all i get in your .mov's is one still frame. Is it supposed to be just one frame?
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