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  1. Hello - alright, I figured out a way if anyone is interested... - export the video as a PNG image sequence out of AM - import the images as a file sequence into QuickTime Pro - export as a .FLV video (Video Codec - On2 VPb with a check in the box for encode alpha channel) - in Dreamweaver, choose "insert" - "AP Div" - in that box place the .FLV - in the page code for the object - put "transparent" for "wmode" Here is a mockup I did from an old character to test it... http://www.flashanimationwebsitedesign.com/samples/chris/
  2. Thanks guys. Largento do you remember how you placed it on top of the page - was it in layers or something? Was it done w/ Javascripting? Thanks.
  3. Thank you as always everyone - I exported a sample as a targa image sequence and imported it directly into flash. Thanks - E
  4. Hello - I found this in the forum... "If you are wanting to composite A:M images over something else, turning on the alpha buffer in your render settings and using alpha channel transparency instead is way better." The found the "alpha buffer" in the export settings, but where do I find the alpha channel transparency? Do I have to set the camera background a blue-screen color? Thanks for any help, Eric
  5. Hi - I have a possible client who wants a talking 3D character created that when you go on the page - he shows up at the bottom of the page with a transparent background so you can see the site through him. This is exactly his idea, but with an actual person: http://www.onsitevideos.com can I export out of AM as images with a transparent background? Would I import those directly into flash w/ trans back? Or would I export the anim w/ a blue-screen background color and key it out in Premiere... but then what in premiere - export them out as images... I don't think you can export a .mov file w/ trans back. Anyway, and help or suggestions would be great if anyone has played around with doing this. Thanks - Eric
  6. Hi John - cool, thanks for your reply.
  7. Hello - I searched the forum for 64 bit info- and found a few posts from the beginning of the year. I am planning on getting a new computer and considering 64 bit w/ windows 7 - I have read a lot of info from the internet - and saw that in general there are no issues w/ running 32 bit software on a 64 bit system... I did read someone saying - some 32 bit software tends to run a little slower on a 64 bit system? Is there currently anyone running A:M on a 64 bit system w/ windows 7 that I can get some input from good or bad. I am aware of the hardware issues w/ 64 bit, but that doesn't effect the A:M software, just my 15 year old scanner. ;-) Thanks - Eric
  8. Hey Rob - wanted to follow up - that worked perfect - just adjusted the emitters "life" in the chor timeline. Thanks again for all you help over the years. ;-)
  9. Thanks John and Rob - that was odd... under "Active" it was set as "on".. then I clicked it to "off" then back on and it is working now. ;-) So thanks for your suggestion. Have a great weekend - Eric
  10. Hi - playing around with an explosion material that I downloaded I think from a zip file that John put up. I remember playing w/ it a ways back and it worked fine. I have the "show particles" turned on, so that it is not the issue. I assigned it to a basic ball model which I brought into a chor. It is doing nothing - not showing any particles - is there something I am missing something else I am not turning on - I attached an image of the "explosion" material. Thanks.
  11. Yes, that is what I was trying to do... I will do what you suggested. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks Fuchur - going to do it now.
  13. Hi - I upgraded to 15.0F and have lost several items in the Library including the entire "Primary Object" folder. Can anyone tell me how to find those? Thanks - Eric
  14. Hello - basic question, I think - I remember doing something like this a way back - but not sure how I did it. I have a "smoke" emitter in a chor. I turn it "on" at 3 seconds into the chor - and turn it "off" two seconds later - when I watch it in the timeline it works perfect - smoke comes in then fades out and disappears, but when I render it out, smoke comes in then abruptly stops when it hits the frame where I turned it "off". Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way to make it slowy turn "off" with a pose slider or something? Thanks for any help. ;-)
  15. Very cool - thanks Jim - I'll download it now.
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