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  1. Here is a slight blip. Particles are flipped in progressive renders. Doesn't affect shaded or Final renders, however...
  2. Here it is with "opacity over life" fixed. the particles now fade before they die instead of popping out. Exhaust03e_000.mp4
  3. It has been fixed in some version since then. I'll need to dig this all up and re-study this
  4. Do you have a reference image of what you want yours to look like? That will be essential.
  5. We'll have Live Answer Time at Noon CDT, Saturday May 23, 2020 Synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog was born on this day in 1934
  6. The above project renders files like these. See if these have the transparent background you seek. TGA version... Thom021.tga PNG version...
  7. Set your scene up so that everything you don't want in the background is either deleted or has its "Active" property set to OFF Set your camera background color to something similar to whatever you will be placing your image on top of. In the render settings try PNG or Targa format first. The format depends on what you plan to do with your image. In Buffers set Alpha ON Depending on what software you intend to use your rendered image in, you may need to set "Save with unpremultiplied alpha channel" ON or OFF
  8. Some motion blur frames from "Dough Ray Me-ow" (1948) Motion blur with extra eyeballs...
  9. I love cabooses! I was disappointed if we were stopped at a crossing for a train and there was no caboose at the end.
  10. Hi Frederick, The Cut Plane wizard attempts to insert a break or spline (your choice) at where you position the plane to intersect your model. However it sometimes gets the order of the CPS wrong when connecting them. But hand stitching is pretty easy. Hold down the SHIFT key to "maintain curvature" if you want, and click-click-click-click to place your new CPs. You can use Hide and Lock to avoid sticking any CPs where you don't want them. You can also do your new spline in sections and leave free-hanging CPs to join them together later.
  11. That's a tease!. Glad to hear you are well and always glad to see new work from you!
  12. Numpad 9 works for me to toggle between perspective/non-perspective view in the Chor (as long a you are not in the camera view)
  13. BTW, this FK-IK switch add-on that Mark made... still works great! It is a genuine boon to animation! Thanks, Mark!
  14. I'll amend that to note that textures that have been baked into bitmaps may not need replacement. However there are some textures that can not be reproduced by bitmaps.
  15. A core challenge for using any alternate renderer is that you will need to replace every A:M texture with something made in that alternate renderer. I'm currently learning C++ with an eye to knowing more about game engines but I have nothing to report as yet. Gerald Zum Gahr AKA Fuchur has some utilities in his signature for exporting A:M to game engines.
  16. "The Aristo-Cat" (1943) is famous for the backgrounds by John McGrew. So flat that the stairs don't have steps except for the cat's feet telling you where they are.
  17. Crazy cubes! I recall the Mike Lium's name. https://forums.hash.com/profile/197-mike-lium/content/ Sorry to hear he is gone!
  18. Another possibility for C++ conditions is a simple card (one round) where you have to get above a certain number but below another number to win.
  19. Hi Dane, welcome to the forum! I posted an answer to a similar question here... Note that in step "10" where I direct him to choose "repea,t" you would likely choose "ping pong" If you have more questions, please ask!
  20. Mmmm... For a while I was thinking of having "Food and Beverage" as an Image Contest topic.
  21. Chapter 16 Floats default project Contrive some pair of calculations that should create the same result but fail the == test because of the inexact nature of floating point numbers. Then find what the smallest +- range is that they can be compared and pass as approximately equivalent. Output all with labels. The various formatting and significant digits options we encountered in Chapter 11 might be useful to dust off for this project. Chapter 17 C++ conditions default project Prompt the user to input several factors (example: age, weight, ...) and then output some diagnosis based on the combination of those in a C++ condition For example: to be an Astronaut you have to be over 21 AND under 48" tall AND under 120 lbs. to be a Sumo wrestler you need to be over 18 AND over 60" tall AND over 400 lbs.
  22. That's good-looking critter hair!
  23. Looks well-done and economically splined.
  24. Chapter 13 and 14 combined default project 13 and 14 are shades of the same IF concept. 13 is IF and ELSE . 14 adds ELSEIF Write a program that prompts the user to input the number of sides of an A:M patch and then respond apprpriately as to whether that is an allowed number of sides or needs special treatment or isn't allowed at all! How many sides does your patch have? 7 No, 7 sides is not allowed. Or do anything else to demonstrate IF, ELSE and ELSEIF
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