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  1. OK. I presume you have something you edit video in. Check an see what it imports for video formats. If it imports numbered image sequences that would be ideal.
  2. If you have things like music (or dialog) you need to match in animation, make the sound first and bring that into A:M to work by.
  3. If you have an animation with sound you need to render and keep the sound attached (for example, you need to edit it into some other video), render to an uncompressed AVI as Rodney notes above. This will be a large file. If you have an animation with sound you need to render and keep the sound attached (and upload to something like Youtube), render to an uncompressed AVI as Rodney notes above and use your video editing app or an app like Handbrake to compress that to a YouTube friendly format like .mp4 with h.264 compression. Note that compressing to MPEG-4 is not the same thing. If you have an animation that doesn't need sound attached render to an image sequence and use your video editing app or an app like Handbrake to compress that to a YouTube friendly format like .mp4 with h.264 compression. If you have questions, keep asking!
  4. Don't be infamous... come to Live Answer Time at Noon CST on December 7 2019! December 7 is the 115th birthday of Donald Duck voice, Clarence_Nash.
  5. I'm sorry this is not going smoothly. Hopefully, our interactions here will help solve the related software problems. The problem for Hash in trying to explain how to use paint programs is that they all seem to work differently and not have standardized terminology. If Photoshop Elements will let you save a PNG with background transparency that works as transparency in A:M, then that's most of what you need. Give it a try and see what happens For me, for all the things i do, I still need to be able to edit the R G B and Alpha channels individually. I would still like to be able to look at this with you at Live Answer Time.
  6. You can control it three ways. the keyboard CTRL-D toggle add an on-screen button from Tools>Customize>Commands>Draw (the red/white star) in Tools>Options>Rendering set Quality to Shaded and set Show Decals ON/OFF
  7. First try CTRL+D That toggles real-time decals ON/OFF
  8. Live answer Time is at noon CST. There is a link in my signature.
  9. Are you available on Saturdays, at Live Answer Time? This would be dramatically easier if i could see you working in the program.
  10. Still taking entries! Quick Prehistoric tip: If you are doing anything with Hair, don't use Preroll. Set Preroll to zero. Instead of setting your Hair material to use one second of Preroll, and trying to render your scene at frame 00:00, set PreRoll to zero and render your scene at 01:00. For some reason A:M is way faster calculating hair motion after 00:00 than before 00:00. One second will give most hair a chance to settle, if you need more, render farther down the line.
  11. Try this. Make blank canvas with nothing but the background checkerboard. Paint something with a fuzzy brush. Save that as a PNG. Apply that as a decal on a patch in A:M
  12. Was there any sort of an "options" button when you went to save the file
  13. I'm wondering why the red channel has something in it. Try saving that out as a TGA. There should be some option to save it out as 32-bit (includes alpha channel) instead of 24 (doesn't include alpha channel)
  14. It's getting bad. All I did was *think* about getting a larger SSD and then the next ad that shows up on Facebook is for... a 2TB SSD!
  15. Try something. make a new image. Fill it with red. Add an alpha channel in the channels list with the plus sign, fill that with black and draw something in white on it.
  16. 30 days hath November and we hath Live Answer Time at Noon ST on 30 November 2019. November 30 is the 133rd anniversary of the first revue at the Folies Bergère in Paris.
  17. Here is a thread the covers some of the issues about making a decal with transparency. There are also several possibly useful tutorials about decaling in the tutorial link in my signature.
  18. You might get a more convincing result if you made several variations of the decal and put them on individual planes close together. Also, particle hair can make pine needles. Roger made an animation a few years ago that did this...
  19. Give this a try... clip4903ApplyCookieCut.mov Happy Thanksgiving, John!
  20. Cookie Cutter mode is easiest for that. The alpha transparency in the decal will also control the transparency of the surface.
  21. Are you sure you used the one I posted, not your original? Mine will have the alpha channel. That won't matter, 32-bit will run on your 64 bit computer. I was using Photoshop. Photoshop Elements is a very stripped-down version. If it has a "Windows" menu see if it has "Show Channels"
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