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  1. Without seeing your mesh, I cannot know for sure, but I'm going to guess that 15k patches is overkill for your model. Unless you are doing ultra detailed modeling, like Agep (Stian Walvaag) you probably don't need that many patches. Also, 1000 5-point patches sounds suspiciously high. Can you post a shaded/wireframe image of your model? Here are the images of the mesh.
  2. Went to info and this is what I had: Total Patches: 15,320 5Point Patches: 1024 Total Hairs: 0 That did help for sure!
  3. Can anyone help me rig this model? I've tried again and again and i keep getting hung up.
  4. Like the title says, I've created a model, and from what I've read, the program is lagging because there are so many cp points. I have an uber fast system and would think that it could handle a model like this. does anyone know any good optimization methods for AM? My specs: Quad-core 2.6 8gb DDR2 ATI 4870 X2 Thanks
  5. I've tried this over and over again, I've exported both quicktime and avi and i get the same result. What I'm trying to do is export my animation in widescreen (1.2) and no matter how many times I try it, it exports in fullscreen, (0.9). Anyone know how fix this?
  6. I'm having trouble with bone falloff. When I bend Godzilla's neck, the neck cuts into itself. I've looked at the manual and it doesn't seem to help any. Anyone know how?
  7. You can view test footage here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=A34C9151A9739808
  8. It was just a thought. I kind of am exploring both programs, I really like Hash though. It's much easier for me to handle, Maya is just, whoa way hard.
  9. Not quite sure what you mean by blending. Are you using decals or materials? Simple answer - materials, use gradients, I think - not too sure on that. I'm Using Materials, Dark Tree Symbiont Textures.
  10. Hmm, Not sure If i'm gonna make a city, that's beyond my model making ability at this point. Not to sure how to start. Does anyone know how to blend textures?
  11. Jet Jaguar! Any ways Finished the Ghidorah Model. Does anyone know how to BLEND textures?
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