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  1. You know, Spleen, that could be taken two ways.
  2. Happy birthday, man!

  3. Thanks Luuk! I really appreciate it.
  4. Hi everyone, I need a quick an answer as possible as I don't have much time for this project. My problem is that when I add an image in my chor. it receives lighting from the sun, rim etc. which distorts all of it's colors. Is there way to have it not receive lighting? Thanks, Jared
  5. Looks nice. My only critique is some of the weird jittery movements on the eyes. Other than that, good job. We're really getting some talented new users.
  6. Awesome! Modeling looks great.
  7. Wow, really? I'll be there, too! I'll look out for the booth.
  8. Masna

    No Library?

    Oh, sure, sorry. I'm using an iMac; Mac OS X Leopard.
  9. Masna

    No Library?

    Thanks for all of the help Rodney! Unfortunately whenever I pess "..." A:M crashes. I'll report this bug to Hash, but I'm not sure how much they can do about it.
  10. Masna

    No Library?

    Yes, I have the library window open, but it's completely blank. I also have the all of the files that should be in the library in the A:M program folder, but it would be of much greater convenience to be able to access the library from the program. Do you know how I would go about linking all the files to the program?
  11. Hey guys, I just uploaded A:M onto my new computer and for some reason my library doesn't seem to be coming up. All of the folders are in the computer, but not linked to the library. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks, Masna
  12. You might want to do the exercises in TaoA:M. It has a pretty good tutorial on particle systems.
  13. Great job so far, Photoman! I'm loving the idea; it's just so original. I really like how you were able to get that grimy, rusty feeling on the textures. Can't wait to see more. =)
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