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  1. Hello, I'd just like to let you guys know that Animation Master is a terrific program, and I would love to support it. The problem is... I am a little used to the free updates.... and I don't think I can afford to pay 80$ every year. Anyone have an idea how I can work around this? My projects are relatively new, and I can't just resort back to the original version it had on disk. Or do I just need to put in the disk from now on in order to use it? Thanks again.
  2. Unfortunately, it won't let me upload the project file. I can tell you however that it is 0kb and "Invalid Project File" is all it says, and it lists where the corrupt item is. Is there a way to get into the project and retrieve a model? That's all I want to do... but with 0kb something tells me that isn't going to work.
  3. Exactly, can it be fixed? Or is it one of those things that you can't and just have to fuss over?
  4. Alright, I will try to fix that. I have noticed though that without the texture the patches don't leak, or barely at all.
  5. Alright, but I can't seem to make my light model work. I did it like MtPeak's second suggestion, replaced the image while in the chor, and I aim the light at the ground, render it, and nothing, not a speck. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
  6. Sounds great! But, um, could you post a tutorial of how to do that? And what I am getting here is, you create a bunch of nulls, one for each dred, to animate each one, and then you create an extra null to control all of the nodes, am I right? Sorry for the late response....
  7. Alright, here's what I got (Without the helmet): (Animation WITHOUT Simulate Spring Systems and Dynamic Constraints) without.mov (Animation WITH Simulate Spring Systems and Dynamic Constraints) with.mov HTH (Hope This Helps)
  8. Hide the face? Or do you mean the helmet? Sorry, I just need to clarify. (The actual face is a real mess without the helmet.) And by hiding the face, do you mean show only the body so that the face is gone? I didn't modify any other parts of the body to have such a reaction (such as, a simulation).
  9. What would you suggest as the render setting, then? And also what I mean by the face going crazy; there are things poking out of the surface of the helmet that are skin colored, and that shouldn't happen. I will re-post the videos at a different size/ ratio when you tell me a good render setting. Thanks, and sorry for those mistakes.
  10. No, not yet, and not exactly. Here, let's see if this says anything... it only shows a few dreadlocks doing the steps you told me. For now, I modified the bounce to 25%, the friction to 75%, and the collision radius to 0.01" I will post another test that is set to your setting. PS: Is there a way to take down the jitter in the dreadlocks, and to keep the face from going crazy? (Ex, mandibles pop out of the mask on the second test) (My Setting) Pred_Dread.mov (Your Setting) Pred_Problems.mov Maybe this can give you some ideas of what I am working with. (Sorry about the size, right-click and save as, please)
  11. Yeah, it doesn't shrink anything, it just throws the bones in the mandibles of the face everywhere. And, by duplication, I meant from scratch, and of course it wasn't the exact thing, and the results weren't exact either, but they were extremely close. Also, by the head I mean by the Predator head.
  12. My duplication did work.... and well, I do not know what to do. I have managed to reduce the jitter a bit, but if the head moves then it goes crazy. Another problem is that when I Simulate Spring Systems, the face gets crunched up like it had to fit in a small box.....
  13. Whoops... my bad. However, I did the same thing to the pred model, copied the settings for the dreadlocks as your sample, and the dreadlocks are still jumpy....
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