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  1. Your lighting really sets the mood. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  2. It's the Solidify plugin from Flaming Pear. Go to their website and download the "Free Plugins" set.
  3. Happy Birthday, Mike. Nice to see you back in the forum.
  4. It's great to see another view of this excellent model! Are the other characters going to be this realistic looking too?
  5. Nicely done. I like those eye glasses.
  6. Very impressive! The time it took to build it was well worth it.
  7. WOW! I'm really impressed by the overall quality of the models and the animation. Is that cemetery background done in A:M as well?
  8. Nice set designs. I'm interested in seeing how these look when you're finished.
  9. I am sorry to hear that Paul has passed away. I enjoyed his work and I have learned a lot by viewing his creations.
  10. Here's what I came up with. (This is for a character that's been around awhile and smokes.)
  11. Thanks for the advice. I've already started doing this and I'm getting good results.
  12. Just wondering what basic settings other users on this forum like to use when texturing gums and teeth. My goal is to have this character's mouth appear natural without being too overly realistic.
  13. Thanks Rodney and Walter—in lieu of not knowing how to animate yet, I wanted to tell as much of a story as I could in a single image. In addition to learning the basics of animation this year, I'm hoping to apply textures to that "plant-like" creature that's standing in the doorway.
  14. Thanks. That character does have stylized cordate shaped broadleaves for feet, but not lilly pads.
  15. Here's an image I've been working on that uses volumetric lights and the fantastic Lego man model created by Xtaz.
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