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  1. Just noticed you're on the Christmas theme too. Very good work. lots of detail.
  2. Thank you all for your comments. Very encouraging.
  3. Hi Paul, nice to hear from you. Yeah, I'm still kicking around, I'll be 76 at the end of the month, but my health is good, and I still enjoy AM,.I have the 64 but version but did the animation on 15.0 because when I attempt to animate with 16.0 I can only get VGA output. Something technical that I don't understand I guess. Thanks for your comments, and best wishes to you and all in the community. Ed
  4. Thank you Spleen. Much appreciated. Ed (Smokey)
  5. Thank you mouseman and Robcat. I really appreciate your comments.
  6. I haven't been active on the forum for a few years. But I haven't been totally idle. I wrote a Christmas song for children a few years ago and always planned to do an animation for it. It was recorded by my granddaughter Tara just before her 14th birthday. She just turned 17 and is hoping to go into music and drama. So I finally got the animation together in an effort to help kick start her career, even before she finishes high school. You can see the animation on her website at www.taradoyle.com It's the "Santa's Elves Video" page (second button on the left.) Hope I posted
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