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  1. regarding the keypad issue, I carry around a small USB keypad for navigation on any Mac or PC laptop - works great and it's cheap I was thinking of getting a Surface Pro (not my fav) or the Wacom Tablet PC (very nice) for on-the-go Photoshop, Painter, and AM 3D duties not sure what to get, maybe neither they are all expensive but the direct drawing/splining is cool and easier/more comfortable than a mouse - the Wacom stylus has several modifiers switches for complete control
  2. I was trying to bang out something halfway-decent over the weekend but not even 1/3 done at this point. Next time... I need the practice anyway.
  3. I tried a search for peirrotsc on the forum, no luck. What was the specific workaround (or series of workarounds)?
  4. This is exciting news. I always enjoyed the expos with lively demos, posters, and new tips and tricks I picked-up even in a few minutes. The guys staffing the booth were always helpful with WIP issues I had, and I could jump right in on the project on my laptop at the hotel that night. I remember that Steve S. and the Crouchers helped me a bunch. They probably thought: "Oh this guy again?", but they were always cool. I was at Siggraph LA this year, and it was sort of sad with way less company attendance than usual... and of course you guys have been missed by me and many others attending the show for the years you have not had a booth. Looking forward to more new info... Thanks, Andy
  5. Thanks for checking. You might have to use VLC. The old Quicktime codecs are funky. QT 7.7.9 on Win 7 opens it fine. Many of my old QTs (from the 90s) don't open on my modern Mac. I had to convert them. The video was uploaded by Hash on the FTP site from the year 2000. :-)
  6. Hey guys, I want to do something similar to this old Continuums open credit animation. The material and particle FX should be straightforward, but the cutting aspect might be difficult. I'm not a super power user. It looks like the pre-made text fades in so that is not so bad, but what is the best way to make the beam trace out the letters to fake the "cutting"? I'm going to simulate an actual CO2 laser cutting steel and using the red reference beam. The laser will be in some sort of a gimbal apparatus. I can't find any decent tutorials on the techniques. Thanks ahead of time... ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/movies/continuums.mov
  7. Nice, thanks for sharing. Another reason to appreciate these amazing animals.
  8. thanks for the heads up - the 80% deal was nice for a pretty deep toolkit always wanted to get it since the beta days when I missed the introductory deal for the suite
  9. a simple Structure scanner hooked to an iPhone or iPad is the best bang for the buck and it's portable not good for fine details/small models, but good for people, statues, cars, large toys, etc. laser limits the materials to be used, intense lighting can make scanning difficult here is an example of something I scanned a few months ago - statue -> scan -> 3d print :-) http://imgur.com/a/Z34An
  10. Glad to see you back, Martin. I enjoyed chatting at the shows and attending the Siggraph after parties. Martin's Minutes was always a good read. Sorry to hear about all of the issues in the past. Money and fame really bring out the worst in people, even from family and friends. Thanks for making such inspirational software over the years. I'm still a happy user since 1994. People like you demystified the 3D landscape and made it more fun and approachable, not elitist. Travel is the best, but animation/film-making and creating music are a close second. :-)
  11. Thanks guys. I contacted him, and I'm waiting to hear back. Hopefully...
  12. I'm revisiting an old topic. As I'm learning more Python stuff, I want to find a way to make a new Python 3D mathematical model plugin for A:M like Petr Sorfa's from years ago. Is there a way to peek inside the HXT so I can code a new compatible version? Otherwise I will have to use the A:M SDK and try to re-create the plugin. What is the best way to do this? I'm still a beginner in the programming/plugin arena but I'm motivated. Thanks...
  13. I miss the old HASP days. It was so convenient and portable - one stick for models and app, and the dongle for the launch. I lost mine long ago, and when I found out the support was killed (no replacement) it was a sad day.
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