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  1. Are there any teachers out there that might be interested? As for equipment, a big screen and a computer? I notice about 70 people have downloaded this topic. Come on down. It just might be FUN. ref
  2. How is Sat. Feb. 21 about 1:00 or 1:30 pm at club Schmitz. Schmitz is located Northwest of Lovefield Airport. See restaurant review direction and map. Club Schmitz restaurant review robcat if you still need transportation I could give you a ride. e-mail me ref
  3. What are the chances of an Animation Master get together in the Dallas,Texas area?
  4. It would not allow me to drag and drop from the catalog widow. It kept locking up> After restart several times I started with a new model and lo and behold the rabit walk action was in the actions library. With all of the restarts I don't know what made it work. What makes the libaries have two sets of folders? Modles, actions? I will try Windows Explorer this afternoon. Thanks for the direction. ref Your vacation looked like a lot of fun.
  5. Exercise 5 Take a walk I did not save the action file into the library. I found it in the catalog menu. Is there a way to copy it to the actions library? HELP PLEASE? ref
  6. I was surfing through the forums and read a post that mentioned the buddy system. I understand the concept but how does this work at AM? Is it via the chat room,My Friends or the TAO forum? Is there a sign up list or does it just evolve on the TAO forum? Thanks ref
  7. No. That's the copy protection. The CD needs to be in when you start A:M. Once A:M is running you can take it out. I have two CD drives so I leave it in. Definitely download and install the v15e version from the update page Thanks Robert for the help. How long have you been in Big D?
  8. Again... I assume you want to upload your image from the exercise here. Since its kk (keekat)... that seems to validate you are in Exercise 1. You've got two options: 1) Render your image 2) Screen capture your image Learn how to do both! In A:M follow the proceedures in Exercise 2/Exercise 3 to render out your image. Make sure you render to an image format that is webpage friendly such as .JPG or .PNG. In the same area where you type your message to me you'll find a Browse button. (Look for it on the right of your screen) Browse to the location of your image fil
  9. Thanks Rodney. That was a really non-descript question. I can not figure out how to post my exercises to the forum. In my mind I was asking once kk is rendered do I export or attach as an e-mail ? Also how would I have put "I can not figure out how to post my exercises to the forum." in the highlighted quote box in this message? This is my first experence with a forum.
  10. I can not figure out how to post my exercises to the forum.
  11. Hello everyone. My name is Robert and I am new to animation. My interest is in training sports officials. I am not an artist nor programmer but I can drag and click and delete with the best of them. A:M seems to be the best animation program for the money I have come across. The tutorials that I have seen so far are great. I received v15d and have looked at it briefly and already see a lot of hours (addiction) ahead. I do and will appreciate all of the help and direction I can get from the forum. The journey begins. ref
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