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    This is turning out to be quite fun so far. For an upcoming scene , I need to make three police officer models. If any of you happen to have one handy, it would save quite a bit of time. Oh yes, in case you didn't recognize the old Arnie Head model, there it is Dinosaur.mp4 Stipid dinosaur.mp4
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    Hi guys, I am currently spending (too much) time in VRChat (a software that is more like a multiplayer-game but meant to be used as a socialising platform to talk with other people and do stuff in a virtual world together with or without a VR headset). VRChat gives the possibility to upload own characters and worlds to the experience and so I had a look how that is done and brought my Animation:Master Plomper-Character as a fully functional avatar to that world. I might do a full blown video tutorial on it in future, but for now I just wrote a new blog article on the process. If you are interested, you can find it here: PW3d: VRChat – What is VRChat and how did I import my plumper model as a character? Hope you find it interesting and fun :). Best regards *Fuchur* PS: If you are wondering: That is a mirror infront of me in one of the worlds in which I am using my Mixed Reality Headset:
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    AMD stock went up 8% to a new high today on the announcement of new chips https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2020/7/21/21331824/amd-7nm-ryzen-4000-desktop-chips-apu-processor-prebuilt-systems-intel https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/07/22/amd-targets-oem-market-with-new-ryzen-chips.aspx Not available for DIYers yet but I presume their previous top-of-the-line desktop will be reduced in price soon. An 8-core chip that runs up to 4.3GHz yet only produces 35 watts of heat? I remember going to a show where someone was demonstrating a PC that ran at ... 200MHz! The fan sounded like a vacuum cleaner running and the exhaust felt like a hair dryer set on "high".
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    The next boxcar is the more modern style with the brake wheel mounted vertically to the end wall. Once again I used the same model but put different signage on other side. CPR with NYC, N&W with PRR. I got carried away with detailing when I found a good reference image of a vintage NYC waybill. I reproduced it in PSPro and filled in the blanks with Lorem Ipsum words.
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    Found a project while moving to new computer not sure I posted it before my_spring.prj
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    Although I've said one's interest in any flat car is proportional to the loads it's carrying, even an empty drop-centre flat car with its curved side beams is inherently more striking. Since such a flat car is designed to haul over-sized cargo it's important to load it with something more than just a very large crate. Something like this steam hammer that may still be functional but has seen better days.
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    thought it would be great to have random control of pose ....after talking with Robcat got the basic idea and this is my use on random pose control sprinkle.prj
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    Attached are the pictures of six different discs I have acquired over the years. I did not know if anyone wanted them for posterity, if nothing else. Each is kind of a snapshot-in-time and a walk-down-memory-lane, depending on how long you have been around. I am not asking much, if anything beyond shipping. They should not be above $7 to ship if you are in the U.S. If there is any interest, email me at fdputhuff@gmail.com Thumper
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    Indeed! What Robcat2075 said. I posted a few models over the years and I will be sharing more. You can never have too many models.
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    Thought it might be fun to animated a puzzle getting together ,,,granted this is very simple but it was first attempt on the idea TURKEY.prj
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    Hi all, while cleaning the attic I stumbled upon these gems. And a manual was actually that...a manual (661 pages!) Right now I'm on a quest to find videotape vol 1. I assume it's about modelling, probably the one I watched most, so hopefully it's not somewhere in a videoplayer at the dump. :-) Last time I used AM was in 2003 or so, but great to see it's still alive and kicking. I can only say it was my way into modelling and animation! Maybe I'll download the trial later today. Cheers and stay safe! Edwin
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    That would be fabulous, Michael! We have sub forum of Free Models donated by users (maybe there is a policeman in there?) etc. Start a thread in it with a descriptive title so others may find it in a search and upload your stuff! If you have model that uses bitmaps or other externals, it is best to put the model and its assets all in one ZIP and upload the zip. It is also helpful to post a small render of item in the thread. https://forums.hash.com/forum/184-free-models33-materials33-projects33/
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    After reading the latest Martin's Minutes about "Charlie Brown Books" I remembered that I modeled a Snoopy vs Red Baron a few years back using Lightwave and was curious to try the Lightwave importer with A:M. After re examining the model I decided to model him from scratch in A:M. I just get a kick out of the elegance of spline patches vs subdivision modeling it seems like you can say more with less. Here is some progress of the model so far... still working on the hands and feet and will be modeling a scarf next.
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    This was an intriguing idea Robert. It was also a bit daunting since I've never used poses before so I had to do some forum research. Your "Basics of making a new pose" from '09 was quite helpful. After spending a day of trial, error and documentation, I think I have a good handle on it and will use it on the tank car I'm currently building. Thanks!
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    Rob- Discovered that the Simple Scatter Plugin allows the user to fill various shapes using a drop down menu. We were puzzled why some of the leaves dropped through when we were filling a circle. Excellent that anything can be filled!
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    Nightmares! Get your nightmares here! Always fresh, never frozen Nightmares!
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    The complete "Mastering Materials" collection by Bill Young is now available in this thread...
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    Hiya Tom, What this situation called for (as with so many situations) was MORE POWERRRR!!!! The forces only push the particles so far so I added some more at key points. The bunching was caused by particles banging into each other and getting stuck so I turned particle collision off while leaving object collision on. Also cranked up the particle bounce a bit to help them keep momentum. I've attached the modified project file. Hope that helps with your experimenting. Dan blowing.mp4 WindyTunnel powwwerrrr.prj
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    At the last Live Answer Time I had trouble getting a satisfactory bouncy ball with Bullet soft body dynamics Here is a more successful attempt with a quadish-topology ball with more patches and the patches of uniform size. From left to right the balls have "stiffness" of 0.01, 0.1 and 1 All4Ball005b weight comparison.prj StiffCompareB000.mp4
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    Are you thinking of animating the dogfight?
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    Hi Guys, Been experimenting with rendering some gem and glass like objects in A:M and decided to try my hand at rendering some quartz crystals. Have a few more things I'd like to add and experiment with in the scene so figure I'll keep adding here as a WIP when I get around to it. ( have to get back to my Snoopy post as well ) A few post tweaks were added in Photoshop like exposure and blurring.
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    Hi, Olivier! A:M is much faster today, largely because we have faster CPUs and more available RAM and A:M has been optimized in recent versions to take advantage of the advances in these. The benchmark scene that took 20 minutes to render on the computer I had in 2009 takes only 2 minutes on the computer I have now, which is still about four years old. Also, NetRender is now included in A:M so you can take advantage of multiple cores on one computer or across your home network when you are rendering more than one frame. A:M does not devote more than one core to a single frame nor does it use GPU-computation. Not yet anyway. A:M will be slower at rendering than some other programs. That is not a deal-breaker for me because A:M is better for me at modeling and animating. Do i want to give up the better modeling and animating environment i get with A:M just to have faster rendering? No! (en français!) Rendering is something the computer can do while I'm doing something else. Modeling and animating is something I have to do at the computer no matter what program I use so it is better to use the program that is better at that. That is why i use A:M. If you have more questions, do ask!


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