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    Family <br />Lake<br />Drawing/doodling<br />Animating of course <br />Fiddling around (literally) and Mandolin :P<br />Those of you who know me also know I LOVE Pixar! (o:<br /><br />I love Blue Sky too and am currently working as a temp on Ice Age III!!! :)
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    imac G5 Tiger 10.4.6 1.8 GHz Power PC 768 MB DDR SDRAM (I want more)

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  1. Wow! That is a big discount. AM was a great program when I went through. I know they switched up their courses a bit, so I can't speak to that. There definitely is a lot of competition now with AnimSchool, iAnimate, and more recently AnimSquad. Competition to get a staff job at the big studios seems to be as steep as ever. I owe AM everything for getting my foot in the door when I did. I'm so thankful to have one of those staff jobs and definitely count myself lucky. Oh, I also had Dimos as a mentor and he was fantastic!
  2. Hey Ray,

    Hope ya get this... I got an email notification saying I had a new Personal Message from you...but it looks as if hash has disabled my access to pm's ( I haven't been on the site for awhile) ....so feel free to write me an email.

    Mona_Teresa (at) hotmail (dot) com

    of course without the spaces and such :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! :)

  4. Have a great trip to China! Hope you have an excellent time and congratulations! :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!! :o)

  6. Happy Birthday Odog 2020!!!! :o)

  7. Thanks for the kind words ruscular! I'm glad you liked my drawings!

  8. Happy 41st Birthday Rodney!!! Hope you have a good one!

  9. I end up here somehow, and I check out your drawings. I had to say they were nice and that I shall expect some great works from you in the future. I do have a preference to those that can do anatomy drawings.

  10. I'm not exactly sure when these snazzy new profiles came about, but they're pretty fun!

    College is going swell I guess. I just REALLY want to be at CalArts right now!


    Life's good though.

    Oh, you've gotta read "Story" by Robert McKee, you'd love it! I just got it for Christmas and can't put it down!!!

  11. Merry Christmas Teresa! How have you been? How's college?

    Great to here from you,


    P.S. Since when did we get these snazzy new profiles?

  12. Merry Christmas Josh! I hope all the college applications are going well! Anyways, talk to you later!

  13. Hey guys, I stumbled across this facial animation tutorial today on Victor Navone's blog! Check it out! It's really cool! He analyzes a 10 frame clip of animation he did on Dash in The Incredibles!!! http://www.navone.org/HTML/Tutorial_DashTake.htm
  14. Hi Henry and tcmdoc66!!! WOW, Sheridan college Oh and Henry I love your avatar, The Incredibles is one of the best movies ever! Anyways, welcome to animation master. It's a blast and has a super duper great community. I can't wait to see some of your work! Teresa
  15. I love the idea of crossing out the "o" in POPulation! lol That's so brilliant....of course the loons wouldn't want "pop" written on a sign, since they're balloons and all!
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