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  1. Happy Birthday Odog 2020!!!! :o)

  2. I have to say that I like your Butthead a lot more than mine. Of course I never finished the dang thing Anyways, I like it, the only thing i think is that the nose it to big. Anyway, if you are interested, here is what i got done http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...amp;hl=butthead
  3. Hmmm, I don't think that designe would catch on as a sports bike, but a cruiser I can see. It kinda reminds me of the part in batman returns when he has to lean down into the weapons part of the batmobile. Riding so low to the ground and above the top of the wheels would make for a really BIG turning radius. All in all its a nice designe, Million dollar product
  4. I started this guy a few days ago. I didn't create it from scratch however. For my learning process, I used already established meshes and changed them to fit what I needed. Only the bracers and boots are my own creation. Anyhow, any and all critics are welcome to aid me in my modeling. [attachmentid=19230] [attachmentid=19231] I still need to add decals with alpha channels to spice up the armor and face features.
  5. I think there was something wrong with your CanCan. It looked like the action didnt take to well with the models you used for it. I could be wrong...been a while since i tinkered with A:M.
  6. I tired doing that while back, never caught on for me. I like to see that kind of random stuff, I mean a teddy bear w/ a spider... It looks nice. James Edit: Nice, I ment great, I just noticed the texture on the bear and the spider, it looks like a real toy to me. great work. Now i just want to see the bear smash the spider just kidding
  7. I think its cool that your gonna try and do this. I'm not sure how well a table will sell, but I guess it depends on the model and what the consumers are looking for. I've seen some really high quality models on those sites, some if put next to a real picture would make it difficult to tell which is real. But its cool your starting young, me, well I think its to late for me to become an entrapaneour (or however its spelled). Good luck
  8. I just needed to know what size I would need to put in to render a poster size picture. About 10" by 14" Thanks for the help before hand.
  9. I am working on a slogan and a poster for the office that I work in, and I am in need of a Soldier model. If you have one that is rigged enouph for some posing, can you please let me know? Also, if anyone happens to have a model of the Greek Parthenon, and would let me use it...please let me know. Thanks James
  10. It was just the basic set up from Xtaz's room setup, didn't feel like messing to much with it. The only thing I messed with was moving the lights down and towards the camera. But then again, computer graphics is a strange and eerie think.. Ya know
  11. Well, I got tasked to take pictures of graphics used in todays society. So I did that, then the instructor decided that we should make a flier, or poster or something with our pictures, so this is what came out, I am happy with it. And special thanks to the room set up from Xtaz. Thanks for the A (hopefully) [attachmentid=15324]
  12. So instead of having the sides of the glass black, I should just make it the color of the rest of the glass? Will the spot lights and radiation compensate for taking away that color? Well, I will give it a try, 2 or 3 spot lights? I can only think there were 2 spotlights on all the photo shoots i have seen. Okay, enough talk, back to work. The back drop should be the same color and properties of the ground? Never set up a real or fake photo shoot, so this is a learning experience for me. Thanks for the help. One more thing, I only know how to do the fake radiosity, so I guess my first stop is the Radiosity forum. Thanks again. James
  13. I am trying to get this table [attachmentid=15049] To look like this table [attachmentid=15048] Without any pre-made textures or bump maps or anything like that. What I have done so far is this Hinges; White 80% diffuse falloff Specular white 3% size 5% intensity Reflectivity 25% Top and bottom of table top, inner and outer of legs; Blue 110% diffuse falloff 1% roughness 1% scale 85% transparency 10% Reflectivity Sides of the Table top, sides top and bottom of legs; Black 10% roughness 5% scale 30% transparency 5% reflective Ground; White 100% diffuse falloff white specular 7% size 100% scale 5% reflectivity 8 skylights 20% intensity, basic set up 1 sun light to cast shadow 30cm width 800cm fall-off 30% intensity 2 Shadow rays cast with .05 cm bias 80% darkness Any suggestions on how to get it to look more like the real think would be appreciated. I think I provided all the information. Thanks James
  14. Hey, I just wanted to say that I was a little to hasty when I got all sore about the forum a few weeks ago. Yesterday I used A:M for the first time in like 2 months, anyways, I noticed that it sparked my artistic side, and I did a lot better in my art classes. Sorry for the way I reacted two weeks ago, anyways, I hope you enjoy this simple render of 3 spheres. The ground for the first one is White with 200% diffuse and 100% reflectivity. The 3 spheres are 75% transparent and 100% reflective. This one was rendered at 1000wide 900high The ground for the second one is Black with 100% reflectivity, and the spheres are the same attributes as the first. This one was rendered at 1900wide and 1800high Both were done with 8 skylights at 10% intensity, and rendered with only one pass. [attachmentid=15037] [attachmentid=15038] I also wanted to play with the fake radiosity again, so I also did these two, you all know how these ones work. [attachmentid=15039] [attachmentid=15041]
  15. I am not sure if this would be helpful but you could try it. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15900 Also you could make like a 4 patch, or even a one patch, I will call it a blanket, and then just place the sand on it as a decal, that way you could have more controll on where it is placed and stuff like that. Hope that helps, these things always elude me. James BTW the picture on the link was just an X, or it could just be the computer I am on. Good luck
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