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  1. dborruso

    Hello all...

    Hey V If you want more free models try my store at www.3dfrogstore.com There are ones for sale too but everyone likes to get the free ones Hopefully they will all work with 15, i am still on v 14 and they all work with that. You might like the free model a:m smiley I made. It is just an emoticon with hands. It has lip poses and squash and stretch poses, you might like it to try basic exercises with.
  2. I havent looked at the squetch rig for a very long time. I just downloaded squetchy sam and wow! wow! wow! This is amazing stuff. Is squetchy sam free to use like say we wanted to use him for an 11 second club animation? I don't know if I'm ready for 11 second club yet but this would be a fantastic character to work with for it.
  3. Polygon models do not generally import well for animation. If you must import one, you will get better results if you subdivide the mesh first, as far as keeping the patch continuity. Of course this will create much more patches and make it more difficult to animate. I have had luck taking low poly models, subdividing then importing to a:m and able to rig them. These were very low poly models to begin with though. If you start with a high poly model, not a good idea.
  4. No, It's a:m version 12 and the model has 2,730 patches.
  5. Oh wow. I haven't been to this part of the forum for a while, but I have been using the directx plugin. I am very sad you will be discontinuing it. I will continue developing my current game with it. Thanks for helping make froggy boxing a reality. Best of luck to you.
  6. Hi A:M is compatible with both these programs. They use directx files. If you buy the AMXtex plugin you will be able to use it. I am currently developing a game with fpsc and a:m called froggy shoot out. There are a bunch of tricks to get everything working right. If you end up doing it let me know, I'll write pointers.
  7. It is under right click > plugins > import. If you have version 14 it should be there. If not you must download it from the hash ftp, link found at hash classic site.
  8. dborruso

    game modeling

    I created the game froggy boxing. I achieved this with a:m, amXtex plugin, and 3d gamestudio. It works very well with game studio. I have also had success with fps creator. Unfortunately it is very hard to use your own animation in fps creator and have to use the milkshape skeleton available on the fps creator forum, but it works well. If you want to use all the features of a:m and make a wide variety of games gamestudio is the way to go. Of course there is also torque.
  9. Rockin web page mage. Quite nice work for any age.
  10. Hi Chris I dont think there is much use for a mac directx exporter. I dont know what fbx is but I'll look into it. This is an interesting engine that uses some format called collada: http://www.terathon.com/c4engine/index.php There is a free java converter but it doesnt do animations. I don't know how the collada format works. But may be interesting.
  11. Hi all I am starting this thread as a place to announce new products at the 3dfrog store. I will keep them all here so I don't have too many threads. We are pleased to announce that Ronald Nxumalo has submitted an electronic keyboard model. Please check it out here: Ronald's Funkeyboard Other past submissions include houses by Andy Mulia and a delivery truck submitted by David Dustin. I have heard from people who are working on models to submit to the store. If you are working on a model to submit let us know we'd love to hear about it. Thanks a lot folks!
  12. Hello The 3dfrog Store is holding a sale on electronics and transportation models starting right now until Sunday September 17th. All items in these categories are half off the full price. Stop in and check it out. www.3dfrogstore.com
  13. David, I got the model. David has submitted a very nice model of a delivery truck. Here is the link: http://3dfrog.com/store/index.php?main_pag...;products_id=15 We are very happy to be getting such nice quality models submitted. We really need more and I hope people are planning on submitting. The more variety in the store the better for everyone. Yardie, I have older versions of a:m I can test models in, that's not a problem. We look forward to working with you kaijin.
  14. yeah, i will just have to do my rigging with tsm2 under windows I guess. Thanks.
  15. I just got a mac. I use tsm2 on windows. I would like to use it on osx tiger too. Is this going to happen? Seems a long time without an update.
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