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  1. Hello, I'm still not on vacation but continue to explore gently AM. In the case of an object with mechanical articulation (luxo, excavator) is one obliged to have a rigging with bones and a skeleton ? In this case, many 3D software adopt a "simple" hierarchy objects and we can still benefit from IK. Is this possible with AM ? Am I using copy move and rotate constraints to attach objects? thank you see you soon
  2. The technical references are not, for me, didactic enough. I already understand English very poorly and I remember the manipulations in a very visual way. This is why I particularly like videos ! I do not think I am the only one in this case. This is why I propose to make these videos. Making the videos is a great way for me to learn how it works. Everyone benefits from it. As much me as the others ! That said, I want to base my approach on existing documents! The opposite would be a shame ! I prefer to just discuss it in community before so that the examples and illustrated explanations chosen are relevant for everyone There are people in this forum with very good technical advice so that the situations presented best illustrate the possible choices. Of course you can move into tutorial !! Thanks see you soon
  3. The first step of this project is to bring together the different situations and configurations that come up regularly in working with bones. From the simplest and obvious to the most astonishing, including "special cases". The first goal is already to reference before classifying, then to illustrate with concrete cases.
  4. Hello, For the month of July, I plan to create a tutorial that groups the main uses of bones and their constraints on AM. No modeling, no mapping ! This will help me to better understand this area and to benefit the users and future AM users because I think that the lack of clear documentation in this area does not help the distribution of the software. This is why I want to clearly illustrate basic and very simple situations involving one to three bones maximum without too much "mixing" of constraints. Secondly, it will be interesting to imagine the possible applications. this work could be community-based in order to benefit from a group dynamic and above all to be able to leave video documentation that everyone could consult at their leisure ! What do you think about this idea ? Do you find it achievable, and interesting ? Being a trainer on graphics and infographic software, I think a lot about the educational aspect of this kind of document ... I await your answer and advice see you soon
  5. ok It is very interesting to know that the effect of stresses does not instantly apply to bones! Indeed I believed at times that I did not adopt the good procedure just because I did not contatai the constraint !!! ;-)
  6. So, we can say that the poses are more interesting because as we activate / deactivate them at will, we can change all the parameters during animations (constraints, IK, ...). What would not be possible with actions if I understood correctly?
  7. Hello, In the video, you often create an action to test constraints. Is it compulsory(?) or we can do it in choreography mode ? I'm looking for the exact differences between action and pose.
  8. hello, this is the image generated with AM or your creative template ?? Modeling this with patches seems very complex to me. Especially to maintain a regular curvature of the surface of the back! A bump map or a normal map should do just fine. Would a displacement card work? Perhaps that would perhaps lengthen the computation times !? salutations
  9. Hello, Thank you very much for this video . It is extremely well done and reviews the creation procedures in a very educational and logical way! It is this kind of video that would help to spread AM more widely! CP weights and fan bones seem to have pretty much the same effect in this video !? Are these two ways to achieve the same result? or one of the methods replaced the other? The way mirror bones work is excellent, and ultimately relatively straightforward. What I did not understand at the beginning! It makes me want to go further. I really want to incorporate AM into a character and mascot creation loop for my work! Even if other software is terribly effective in this field, AM brings a nice "lightness" of creation which convinces me Is this video part of a series? The others could interest me when I will have assimilated this one well. thanks again Greetings
  10. Very clear answer, thank you very much. No I will not disappear, but my work takes me a lot of time because I also explore a lot of other software. I watch the video and come back
  11. Hello, I continue my exploration of AM which I find brilliant in the design. On the other hand, the tutorials are not progressive enough. to explain the details ;-). When you are looking for something, you very quickly come across sometimes complex tutorials ... which is great when you have already acquired the basics of use! For example, I'm looking for a tutorial that could help me build a character with a basic IK skeleton. In the exercises, I only find examples with compensation bones and other somewhat complex details that I don't want to tackle until I have fully understood the basis in an exercise that takes me when up to interesting movements. This would allow me to understand the limitations of a basic structure and therefore, to add other bones to the ancillary functions. Is my request well formulated ? The most interesting that I could find in the field is this one: But it does not go further for a simple body. The character of Barry Zundel is very beautiful, and very complicated to implement ! Maybe I haven't looked for this exercise yet. Otherwise, when I have assimilated this base, I will create this tutorial which will allow novices to understand this procedure For now I'm on the 2001 skeleton pose on boneless Thom. The exercise is simple but I do not understand everything in the structure of the skeleton. The pose slider is much too dense to understand it !! See you soon createo
  12. 3 - Do we have to validate "radiosity" in the choreography to get reflections? this makes the calculation time much longer!!!?!?
  13. Hello, When I move an object : 1 - can I move from an object marker to a world marker? 2 - Can we constrain the movement of an object on a specific axis ( x,y,z ) ? thanks
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