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  1. yes !! thanks alien head 2.cho Alien Head02.mdl
  2. excellent !! This is exactly what I was looking for and I didn't think of putting this property in a pose! Thank you
  3. yes, I wanted to talk about the dynamic constraints which work a bit like this antenna in "Alien Song". What is the basic procedure for these to work properly in A: M ? Thanks
  4. Hello, I just watched "Alien Song" which it seems was made with Animation Master. Isn't the flexible "antenna" on the alien's head made with a spring bones ? Greats
  5. Hello, I am looking for a video illustrating a basic explanation on the spring bone system: the procedure of installation and use? thanks in advance Greetings
  6. FFD = free form déformation. Box of déformation ?
  7. Hello, After a year of resumption of AM I start to resume modeling and rigging reflexes. How nice to use this software! But I still have a lot of questions 1 - I am rigging a humanoid and I use a lot of smartskins which allow to assign positions to the vertices according to the angle of rotation of a bone. This allows me to have stages of intermediate object shapes. But if I don't like a step anymore or if this position is an error and I want to modify or "free" the vertices, how can I find the angle of the bone to which I assigned these vertices? 2 - What is the difference between the properties of bump in the attributes of materials (cheveux in picture ) and of the FractalSum. Since I activated the "cheveux" material bump, I have no more color on my model ?? 3 - Is it possible to animate an FFD in the choreography? 4 - is it possible that the FFD is static and the vertices of the object are assigned to a bone? Handling AM correctly remains complicated because I lack a lot of technical references but it is starting to become a real pleasure! Thanks
  8. Hello AM, I explore AM's extremely efficient and powerful mapping system ! I have a question about surface displacement : The definition is not excellent and we often end up with a rather coarse physical aliasing if we approach the 3D model. Is there an option to achieve progressive aliasing depending on the distance to the camera? thanks in advance greetings
  9. Hello, I'm still not on vacation but continue to explore gently AM. In the case of an object with mechanical articulation (luxo, excavator) is one obliged to have a rigging with bones and a skeleton ? In this case, many 3D software adopt a "simple" hierarchy objects and we can still benefit from IK. Is this possible with AM ? Am I using copy move and rotate constraints to attach objects? thank you see you soon
  10. The technical references are not, for me, didactic enough. I already understand English very poorly and I remember the manipulations in a very visual way. This is why I particularly like videos ! I do not think I am the only one in this case. This is why I propose to make these videos. Making the videos is a great way for me to learn how it works. Everyone benefits from it. As much me as the others ! That said, I want to base my approach on existing documents! The opposite would be a shame ! I prefer to just discuss it in community before so that the examples and illustrated explanations chosen are relevant for everyone There are people in this forum with very good technical advice so that the situations presented best illustrate the possible choices. Of course you can move into tutorial !! Thanks see you soon
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