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  1. Thanks Roger, that sounds quite promising, I am really tempted to buy the $299 non-expiring version and back up the license file you mentioned, but if my computer dies how does the activation code on the original invoice enter the story for a fresh install on a different machine ? Surely some additional step is required ? Thanks again.
  2. That is very informative, many thanks. Do these forums permit members to sell previous versions, or is that frowned on ? One thing is I did a self-build PC and it can be a bit temperamental, so I am keen to only own software which can do a swift exodus if necessary.....😀 Btw, is AM capable of doing photorealistic texturing and animation (or close) if necessary ? I saw there was a painter plugin, and I suspect AM could be pushed a bit further than some of the more cartoonish images, but I don't have that experience with it.
  3. I have had AM on the edge of my radar for a while, but could someone please tell me how the licenses used to originally work back in the day before activation ? Occasionally original AM versions pop up on Ebay and I was wondering how many versions since AM has required online activation ? I may sign up and subscribe now, but would still like a legacy version fully offline and internet independent which could just be swapped around as I change my machines. Could anyone please tell me which version was the last of the old school versions that worked in this way please ? Also, I read
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