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  1. you know.. if you did have the flowers with one image and half with a similar image but different alignment. It might make that doubling go away. right now.. all being the same flower same orientation is making it very repetitive. If you can't get a different flower angle.. try just flipping the one you have and using it in a different emitter with a different seed value. That'll change the placement. C
  2. So I did a few tests on the files and I can see that you are using the bitmap class to display the render (similar to what we do when we do paintable textures for the coke project. How much does the frame rate suffer when you draw a bigger bitmap? say twice the size of the one you are drawing? and how many polygons is that Gorilla? I really like the extra shader functionality though.. thats a big plus! Keep it up and you'll have a strong competitor to papervision C
  3. It almost looks like a depth of field blur or something. The only thing that gives it away is that odd doubling of the flowers as they go back in depth. Maybe you could adjust the angle or rotation or some. Try turning camera facing down just a smidge, not sure what that would do for animation though ;-) Looks awesome! I'm heading to all the parks out west and it reminds me of some of the pics I've seen around yellowstone I'll tell you how real it really seems after I've been Great Job! C
  4. Hi, Its looking great. I'm averaging about 40fps (40-50 before you added the specs) Have you looked into using Papervision 3d? It could give you the ability to do more texture related stuff and might be comparable in speed. Its what we used to do 3d conversions for a project for coke that will launch soon. Its looking awesome. As far as 3d exporters, not sure how much interest or use you'll get. I'd query about the usage of Webhammer, to get a better idea of how much such a tool will get used. C
  5. I model and animate with both AM and Maya.. tried Max.. hated it.. won't touch it with a ten foot pole now. AM is without a doubt the easiest when it comes to making and animating your characters. If you want for examples feel free to IM or email me for some. C
  6. lol.. I was getting that exact same vibe. Way to express yourself John. C
  7. very nice!.. and useful.. I can see tons of 60s control panels in the future ;-) C
  8. Have a great trip to China! Hope you have an excellent time and congratulations! :)

  9. Yeah, a nice illustration (lost worlds) would be great (lost worlds). I could see him landing on some unknown planet (lost worlds) or even in the amazon (lost worlds) or Peru (lost worlds). This guy could be stumbling across some ancient (lost worlds) civilization(lost worlds) or even a battle(lost worlds). You might even use him in a contest or something ;-) That could be cool to.
  10. HolyDamnasterification! I had to invent a whole new word for this one. Great Job Lee!
  11. No sweat Lee.. as you can tell, from my seriously late post to this thread and the fact that I'm not burning a new record to start my own lost world thread.. I'm pretty busy to. Besides.. You look like you are having wayyyyy to much fun on this stuff as it is. Its all looking awesome. You seem to have become a modelling machine. C
  12. Happy Birthday!!! :o)

  13. Yeah I think with all the fan films of SW out there (its got to hold the record) that they'd have a very hard time going after you for making one more, especially when you are only doing CG and not actually using any of their footage. Perhaps if you changed the name of the battle to the battle of Magreedo and changed the names of all the parties.. then you could put a disclaimer that said.. All of these characters are fictional. Any resemblance to characters real or unreal is purely coincidence ;P sigh.. lots of cool work in this thread. its a shame to see it die.
  14. If your goal is to introduce them to AM then what you have is a good start, though pretty ambitious for 10 hours. If your goal is to teach them Animation, then you might cut to the chase by skipping the modelling and using premade models and characters from the cds or modelling a flour sack or something and teaching them Disney style. Just some thoughts. Good luck with the class.
  15. damn, just damn! Boots look better to. definatley camo on the face
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