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  1. I model and animate with both AM and Maya.. tried Max.. hated it.. won't touch it with a ten foot pole now. AM is without a doubt the easiest when it comes to making and animating your characters. If you want for examples feel free to IM or email me for some. C
  2. My God Nancy. thats Awesome! I need to work out a contract where you texture everything I model. Does that work for you? doesn't pay well, in fact not at all, but it works for me ;-) Awesome job. C
  3. cfree68f

    Nimmie's Wrist

    Hey Dhar, Instead of having the thumb pointing down. Try pointing it back so that she's resting the hand on her hip as if she's holding a can. That should look more natural and hide the bad part of the model. Shouldn't change the pose effect either. C
  4. Actually.. having done some exhaustive research on 3d realtime engines over the last year.. I'd recommend going with Torque or better yet.. Torque advanced to make the game. The advantage being that making the outside world... (OZ) would be very easy in this engine, but would need to be modelled for HAmr and would be very dense (thus eating up performance). If there where a .dts exporter for AM making the game for it would be relatively easy compared to most engines do to the number of mods and content packs available for torque. Even without the .dts export.. its a pretty clean pipeline to get to torque. The advantages of Torque would be... Rediculously easy terrain creation and texturing Free to start developing since all the dev tools come with the demo Low cost to license Xbox 360 and Wii export! (assuming you want to climb those mountains) Other possible publishing pipes through Garage Games site. I believe there are several experienced Torque developers in the AM community. Garage Games isn in Oregon driving distance from Hash ;-) If doing it in a game engine is prohibitive and you want to do it online.. I'd recomend trying something in 2nd life. The downside would be that importing AM models would be impossible with the current 2nd life engine, but if a "Sculpy" exporter where made for AM then using AM models as the source for Prims would be possible. The advantages of creating something in 2nd life would be in no order... A very large online audience Easy collaboration for building the "Game" A more free for all approach No initial costs to create the game other than time. The downsides (or the obvious ones) would be... P rim based building is a pain in the butt The cost of land to host the game and the ongoing cost of land in terms of Maitenance. Creating a limited or controlled user experience would be very tricky. Most likely you'd create a more RPG type experience with classes such as Tin People, Winky People, Loons, etc etc The possibilities are endless obviously, but picking the right direction from square one is vital if you want to end up with anything at all. Changing course mid stream with a game is the kiss of death.
  5. Have a great trip to China! Hope you have an excellent time and congratulations! :)

  6. I'll be getting ready for a long trip to China to adopt my new son Charlie So I'll miss the festivities... AGAIN! But maybe next year. Make sure you post lots of pics. We are setting up a blog for our trip.. I'll post a link later. Have lots of fun guys and girls. C
  7. Yeah we were waiting on that one.. can't wait to try it out. C
  8. Happy Birthday!!! :o)

  9. cfree68f

    Need ideas

    If your goal is to introduce them to AM then what you have is a good start, though pretty ambitious for 10 hours. If your goal is to teach them Animation, then you might cut to the chase by skipping the modelling and using premade models and characters from the cds or modelling a flour sack or something and teaching them Disney style. Just some thoughts. Good luck with the class.
  10. I think you can purchase a dongle, not sure if thats still the case. Contact Hash and they'll let you know.
  11. yippee!!! I've been looking for these in the post folder for a while.. I think I see the parts there now, but I can't seem to figure how to get them to do the effect. Is there someone I could talk to about testing it out in AM and see if I can put a tute together on how to do it and how it can be used?
  12. Whats the deal with the light rays around Nimmy in 09.. is that an artifact do to the 1 pass render?
  13. hmmmm.. woops.. I lit 1_4_00, 1_4_04 - 06 Looks like I turned off the throne room in the scenes to allow for quicker preview renders. but I thought I turned them back on. I can turn them back on and resubmit. Why's TM's throne white? did that material not render? And the background color on all my shots should be black.. if its anything other than black that color shows up in the stained glass window and washes it out. So TM and Woot showing up on blue in 1_04_05 and _06 is another issue.
  14. In my case it was simple. Copying keys and pasting mirrored was pasting all of the Pose sets into each right side pose I edited (I tweeked the left and then past mirrored the right). I just went back and looked at all the poses. Most of the left had just splines folders. Some of the unified poses had pose folders with two poses tweeked) those are expected. But the ones with the right single side poses all had Pose folders for EVERY POSE.. and I'm guessing all that chatter back and forth when trying to resolve what the heck each pose was doing was what brought AM to the ground. I just deleted each folder and boom its as smooth as silk. I had to make more than a few leaps of faith as I found my way through the process of rigging a face, but once I got done it was worth it. I'm sure I did one or two things wrong, but it still seems to work fine. I'll have to go back and figure out how I want to add moving eyes, just in case, I was thinking this Alien looks like he'd translate to a Golum like creature pretty easily, so I'll want those rotating eyes eventually. The only part that needs tuouch up is the mouth shift because my alien's face is so narrow at the jaw that the teeth easily protrude through the skin. I'll post some facial extremes at some point.
  15. Yep... thats what it was. every time I did a paste mirrored it was pasting all the poses in as well. Just deleted those in the appropriate places and it works great now. It really makes you appreciate how hard it is to rig and pose a cartoony face vs a realistic one. I apologise to anyone who had to rig the witch. She must have been a real pain in the butt to rig for facial expression. Question. On the mouth Shift poses. What would you do to avoid having the teeth go through the gums on the side shifts? Distort the teeth? Thats the only thing that needs cleanup, besides figuring out how to tweek eyeroll on a flattened eye. Right now I've got the eyes stationary since they are black anyway (the alien in my avatar) but I miss the little eye roll bone at the top of the face rig for hinting at the direction of view. Thanks again.
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