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  1. It really wasnt a project, more of just wanting to model some legos and just looking at what I had on my desk at the time. I will post links this weekend where you can download them.
  2. That's one good looking shot you have there. Can't wait to the the animation of it.
  3. Hey Guys, Unfortunately, I didnt find this til late. I cant make this one, but hope to be able to start attending the next meeting. Hopefully I will have some work to show.
  4. Welcome to the club Bruce. You are joining the ranks at a great time, with so much going on that you can learn from and be involved with. Good luck in your endeavors.
  5. Thanks for the compliments again everyone. I want to do some AO lighting eventually, right now I am working on TWO and planning some other stuff. I want to go back and model pieces with beveled edges to help with lighting. I also plan on modeling the Star Destroyer, but not the MINI one. I am going to attempt the full scale collectors version they released. In looking at the instruction booklet online, I have to be very careful about the modeling due in fact to the large scale of pieces involved. The patch counts could and will get out of hand very quickly so I am researching each page and making notes on what pieces I can skimp on detail and which ones I want to go full detail on. I plan to start modeling this one soon.
  6. I have done Lego animation before, not with A:M though. If you want, check out my site in my signature for a Lego animation that I did a couple of years ago. The download is kinda large but I have always been told that it was worth it.
  7. Leo73


    You can check out these threads for more information on contests, both still and animation wise Still Image Contest http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22897 Mini Movie Contest http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showforum=49
  8. Thanks. I always loved Legos and the thought of modeling and animating them has always been on my mind. I will get around to it eventually. Also, for each piece I have modeled, I put into a library so that I can use that piece later on if need be. So much stuff So little time.
  9. I have never used LDraw/Designer. I mostly just downloaded the instruction books and used the models that I have as references for the actual block size. I eventually will go on to build/model some scale SW vehicles and have a train in mind that I want to do as well.
  10. I actually modeled these about a month ago, but with getting involved in TWO, I really put thes aside to work on the film and other stuff. I still have to decal the shutle cockpit, but for the most part am pretty happy with how these came out. I would love to go back and remodel each piece with beveled edges and maybe someday I will, but for now here they are: ARC-170 Fighter Imperial Shuttle TIE Intercepter X-wing As usual crits and comments are welcome. They do seem like they are floating above the ground plane, but they are really sitting on it.
  11. Not bad case. You should try using the basketball texture on the titles instead of the Target texture. It might tie the words in more since you have a basketball theme going on. Just my .02 though.
  12. Very cool. I like how you really worked out how the car would transform into the robot.
  13. That's a great character. I always like the simple designs best. There are tons of possibilities that you could do with him. Cant wait to see him animated.
  14. thanks Caroline. i just didnt want useless sliders in there. thanx again
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