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    create a toon animation story with a 3D background setting in stereo 3D environment animation. First using comic book page turn layout, then long term in full animation.
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  1. Has anyone shown an example of bullet soft body animation yet? I just upgraded my version to V19 so I have not rig a character yet, but looking for tips on setting it up! I have done bullets in Lightwave, so I will assume that its close? Maybe?
  2. One of the selling point for me was that you could choose between triangles or quad for your project! Makes it nice to export to quad to OBJ file. If I were to use Hash for the character animation and MD7 for clothes, I would need to think about exporting it to another 3D program to take advantage of the MD7 export option and I think Blender being free would be a workflow option. There is nothing like Hash affordable smart skin in rigging. As much software I aquire, I still like Hash rigging.
  3. the sale ends on the 19th for $208 almost $300 off of reg prices, however if you buy from steam there is no upgrade price. I am playing with it now!
  4. Those are some nice looking low res model!
  5. I just discover that Pauline is one of the new character for poser, and I think they had a game engine in mind with that model, because I just notice that Pauline have about half the polygon that Victoria 4 have. I was able to import Pauline into Hash, and has very few patch issues. It also moves around inside of Hash and quite workable. This might be the workflow in getting a ready made model into Hash. They also have Paul the male figure that im guessing about the same level of polygon suitable for import.
  6. Can you show me example of soft body bullet?
  7. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/ Is on sale now for $40 No more leasing of adobe photoshop. This software does everything I want to do in adobe photoshop at fraction of the cost.
  8. https://lazynezumi.com/home This is a great tool for improve drawing and sculpting for smooth results. For the drawing and painting this also have a perspective tool and perfect ellipse tool so you can make your storyboarding or mesh painting. Its also real cheap and on sale for black friday for $25
  9. Sorry to hear that AM track 2 isn't up to par for your needs. I have look at a lot of face capture program. I even got the Kinect V2 camera, and Lightwave with Nevronmotion. The developer left and didn't finish developing it for the newer improve kinect V2 so no face capture support for that camera, and no smoothing function for that camera as well. I thought maybe Brekel body and face pro 2 would be the way to go. I am sorry to hear about AMtrack 2 because I thought maybe I could create a face mesh in AM to be driven by Marker tracking face motion capture and turn it into a Cage mesh to drive the polygon face in Lightwave3D on the model. The cage mesh is basically a mesh that has a weight transfer of the original mesh and then use the cage to drive the model animation instead of bone. Hash animation master has a way to transfer weight from one model to another. Seems like with a creative coder could make something like that for AM: plugin. The other thing That I have seen in other program is have a USB gamepad as a input to control animation with the up or down button to control smile and sad expression. Or even a mouse wheel or tablets scroll function as a feature to drive expression. One other option, Moho studio now lets you throw a vector mesh over a photo of a face and then use the video of your marker facial motion caption and target each bone to them. You would render the face from your model and set it up for a 2D animation, but that would have limitation of head turns, you could still turn the head but slightly. Animate your character in Hash without a head and a green dot on the neck, and then bring it in AdobeAE or Moho and track the PNG render of the face to the green dot on your animation of your character. But again with limitation of head turn and body turn. Another option is animate the facial color map, and then use that animation to be a animated decal on the face of the character. I would also use the same motion capture to animate the bump map and displacement map. both Moho and AdobeAE have tracking capability.
  10. 3Dcoat has just upgrade to version 4.7 with improve retopology with weight painting for higher detail mesh for fingers and ears. The educational version is $79 and limited to 8 layers of texture. Even people with Zbrush find the UV map making is fast in 3Dcoat. The sale will go July22nd. Personally I cant afford Zbrush, but this would be my second choice. You can quickly sculpt a model and then retopologize a quad mesh low poly model then convert it to HASH and rig and animate them. That would be the workflow ideally! http://3dcoat.com/home/
  11. http://neobarok.com/ Not yet fully develop, but has interesting tools to make spiral distortion along a irregular curve and also a paint program as well. I hope you don't get sick of free tools. I keep finding cool tools and yet always come back to Hash rigging!
  12. https://youtu.be/QA6wkcc_cNY Now that AM has retopology feature, one of thing I often do is take a created 3D sculpt object in a 3D program and then retopologize it for quad mesh. I would suggest running it thru the free Quad converter tool to lighten your polygon count for Hash import or import it as prop to be retopologize.
  13. https://youtu.be/j1SjlP8zc78 It's only for windows user and when release their target sale is $20 the Beta version is free. What I like about this is the sketching mode in 3D space to plan out your shape beforehand of whatever you want to make.
  14. https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes I ran across this in the lightwave3d forum, and find a nifty stand alone program that can convert obj file to a quad patch output with mesh target zone. I think you could convert a rough version and do some clean up to get the model you want out of it. I just got it and thought this could be perfect for Hash AM.
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