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    i7-2600k, ssd, and sata drives, win 8.1, GTX960, 32GB ram, 12inch cintiq, and 24led monitor
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    create a toon animation story with a 3D background setting in stereo 3D environment animation. First using comic book page turn layout, then long term in full animation.
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  2. I was trying to inflate it I dont know if it did that, but it didn't hurt! LOL I should try for 200% and see what happens. It was my Spinal Tap moment!
  3. I didn't know I could go lower than .01 in the settings. It looks so much better like jello at .01 and the collision is really accurate and stable. Next step is get them to release a new version with parts deforming with Bullet!
  4. This is bullet from lightwave3d for a breast bounce setting using a weight map as deforming parts effected. I played with several setting and reset dynamic simulation each time getting very little differences of the bounce. I hope the next version of AM: will include more settings that can adjust volume preservation and shape retention. those 2 dials really effect the outcome of the simulation. Also the shape lock settings keeps the simulation lock to the nearest edge of the effected parts. Mind you that these setting in lightwave are a tad touchy as for stability. I can understand why AM: didn't include them, as for the simulation in here is fast and hasn't crash. I didn't find a way to assign the bounce to parts of the model. I did love the way AM: rigging system can add a spring to the skeleton and has enough settings to alter the spring and even add smart bone to the spring bone. It is my hope to rig a female character in AM: with spring bone and then export it to lightwave and use deforming parts bullet effect to the area that I want effected.
  5. I am very please on how fast it simulate and results were good with the example project file posted. Can you assign the bullet to a weight map or set of points that you want to be effected?
  6. Has anyone shown an example of bullet soft body animation yet? I just upgraded my version to V19 so I have not rig a character yet, but looking for tips on setting it up! I have done bullets in Lightwave, so I will assume that its close? Maybe?
  7. Can you show me example of soft body bullet?
  8. That was a very nice production quality animation! plenty of particle effects as well!
  9. Sorry to hear that AM track 2 isn't up to par for your needs. I have look at a lot of face capture program. I even got the Kinect V2 camera, and Lightwave with Nevronmotion. The developer left and didn't finish developing it for the newer improve kinect V2 so no face capture support for that camera, and no smoothing function for that camera as well. I thought maybe Brekel body and face pro 2 would be the way to go. I am sorry to hear about AMtrack 2 because I thought maybe I could create a face mesh in AM to be driven by Marker tracking face motion capture and turn it into a Cage mesh to drive the polygon face in Lightwave3D on the model. The cage mesh is basically a mesh that has a weight transfer of the original mesh and then use the cage to drive the model animation instead of bone. Hash animation master has a way to transfer weight from one model to another. Seems like with a creative coder could make something like that for AM: plugin. The other thing That I have seen in other program is have a USB gamepad as a input to control animation with the up or down button to control smile and sad expression. Or even a mouse wheel or tablets scroll function as a feature to drive expression. One other option, Moho studio now lets you throw a vector mesh over a photo of a face and then use the video of your marker facial motion caption and target each bone to them. You would render the face from your model and set it up for a 2D animation, but that would have limitation of head turns, you could still turn the head but slightly. Animate your character in Hash without a head and a green dot on the neck, and then bring it in AdobeAE or Moho and track the PNG render of the face to the green dot on your animation of your character. But again with limitation of head turn and body turn. Another option is animate the facial color map, and then use that animation to be a animated decal on the face of the character. I would also use the same motion capture to animate the bump map and displacement map. both Moho and AdobeAE have tracking capability.
  10. http://www.cherrycitycomiccon.com/ will you be there? I have to agree that most of the comic con are not what they used to be!
  11. "If you are still SmartSkin how will a cage deformer help you export to Lightwave since a cage deformer can't do what smartskin does?" Smartskin would be done in AM, I would just export the cage mesh to lightwave to drive the hi rez mesh afterward. What I am suggesting is that a plug in for a cage deformer for AM would be useful for driving a higher rez model than re rigging a hi rez model, after animating a proxy model. Seems like the weight transfer plugin is already half way there. Great news about bullet effect. If its true!
  12. I still use AM for superb constraint system and smart skin. Still lacking in other render-er. I think if we had cage deformer in AM, then the unique patch system would stay intact by staying inside the program. But yeah Lightwave can do particle really well. and also bullet dynamics. Anyway, something I am working on to use AM to make a cage mesh to drive Lightwave character.
  13. How would that be different from weight transfer? You would keep the cage mesh to manipulate the set of points during your animation process. The plus side of cage deformer is to be able to rig complex model without slowing down the animation process. I know some people that would use the same rig to run a lo rez version of the model and then do a switch for final animation. Which means you would have to setup twice two rigs character. http://graphics.pixar.com/library/HarmonicCoordinatesB/paper.pdf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJGjKg_P6KM
  14. I started using Lightwave3D and combine AM rigging ability with Lightwave3D. AM still has the best smart bone rigging system, However its weakness is driving a high patch count model with rigging. We have a weight transfer plug-in for AM model. That's almost like a cage driven system. I wonder if having a plugin that allows you to rig a lo rez model and animate it, then link that mesh to a hi rez model and animate it? Basically what I am working on now is to rig a cage mesh in AM and then export the action file thru MDD, and then use the mdd file to drive the hi rez model in Lightwave3D by way of lo rez cage model.
  15. Lightwave is back and further more Lightwave been use primary for recent movies and TV show, even GRIMM uses lightwave for their wogeing effect of the wesen character. Lightwave 9 was their pitiful performance, but 11 turn things around and built upon that. LWbrush plugin is a real nice addition for making retopology and triangles elimination brush comes handy for Hash obj import. 3Dcoat is about $380, and on sale for $100 till January 1st. I find lightwave and Hash is pretty handy together.
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