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    Animation (duh!), Macs, Drawing, Cats, Colin Mochrie/Whose Line is it Anyway? Music (Favorites: Sigur Ros, Beirut, the boy least likely to, and Sufjan Stevens) and, last but not least...sleeping!
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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! :)

  2. I'm not exactly sure when these snazzy new profiles came about, but they're pretty fun!

    College is going swell I guess. I just REALLY want to be at CalArts right now!


    Life's good though.

    Oh, you've gotta read "Story" by Robert McKee, you'd love it! I just got it for Christmas and can't put it down!!!

  3. Merry Christmas Teresa! How have you been? How's college?

    Great to here from you,


    P.S. Since when did we get these snazzy new profiles?

  4. Merry Christmas Josh! I hope all the college applications are going well! Anyways, talk to you later!

  5. Fantastic, you don't know how helpful it is to see how you approach a scene. Thanks for putting that together Robert! -Josh
  6. Way to go Patrick! I agree with Stuart, I really like what you've done with the motion blur on the body and focus on the face. Also the background is really well done. Congrats! Say...does cafepress do posters?
  7. huh, what? oh, yah---- Your modeling is incredible Noah! Truely awesome work!
  8. Wowzers! A "10" from the American judge---
  9. Wow! He's just filled with character! Great job Dimos and Stian, I love how his pants are a bit off-kilter.
  10. Awesome Job! That's some of the best Ten Second Clubbin' I've ever seen!
  11. Luxo


    OOh! Wow, I'm sorry I'm incredibly slow----thanks for all your help guys! I REALLY appriciate it. This is such a great community, I swear once I figure out how to model/rig I'll repay all you guys. Yippee! Back to work---
  12. Luxo


    *sigh* it's still not working, I tried it with three rings, no luck. Same with the five point patches---- Any other ideas? Thank you all.
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