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  1. Can anyone explain this? This model has drop-on Poses made for common hand poses like fist, rest, hyper-extended... I made the Poses for the right hand then copy-paste mirrored them to another Pose to make the left-hand version. That worked for all of them except "Salute" Why do the bones not mirror correctly for that one? Loyd_031dx hand mirrorTests.prj
  2. "Porky Pig's Feat" (1943) The whole cartoon is about trying to get out of paying a hotel bill.
  3. Week 16 Classes with getters and setters Here is an example of an class I made while going through the ray-tracing book. Ray tracing has lots of things described by locations in XYZ space, among which are "points" and "vectors". They can both be stored as an object called a "Tuple" which contains data members for X Y Z . It also has W which flags whether it is a point or a vector. There is a custom constructor that takes four parameter values to set X Y Z W values when the tuple is created. The setValues method takes the same four parameters but is called on a Tuple that already exists. This Tuple class also has methods for operating on its data. For example, a "dot product" of two tuples is something ray tracing wants. Instead of writing a function that needs six parameters (the X Y Z values for one Tuple and the XYZ for the second tuple), I make a method called dotWith in this class. Becasue it is in this class it will know the XYZ values for the current tuple and I can pass it an "other tuple" for the other XYZ values it needs to do the calculations. class Tuple { public: // data members, default values... float x = 0; float y = 0; float z = 0; float w = 1;// 1 make this a point, 0 makes this a vector; //constructors and deconstructors... Tuple(); Tuple(float x, float y, float z, float w); ~Tuple(); // methods... void setValues(float x, float y, float z, float w) float TupleOperation(char op, float x, float y, float z, float w); Tuple addedTo(Tuple addend); Tuple scaledBy(float); void printValues(string title); Tuple multiplyBy(Matrix4x4 transform); float dotWith(Tuple otherTuple);// returns Dot product Tuple subtract(Tuple otherTuple); private: }; The above is just the "declarations" The actual code that gets executed for the dotWith method looks like this, and is else where in the program file ... float Tuple::dotWith(Tuple otherTuple) { float dotProduct = this->x * otherTuple.x + this->y * otherTuple.y + this->z * otherTuple.z; return dotProduct; }
  4. The most re I think the most recent zoom/position of each view is stored in the PRJ? They seem to be remembered when you load a PRJ? It is also possible to step through previous bird's eye views with shift-Alt-Y and Shift-Alt-Z (not saved with PRJ)
  5. Prehistoric tutorial! (It's old!) If you are working on a laptop without a numeric keypad or one of those newfangled tablets that has no keyboard at all... you need the onscreen numeric keypad to navigate the viewport!
  6. When I'm using the pen on my screen my hands are not conveniently located near keyboard anymore. i don't use the pen for A:M but if i were, navigating the views with the the numeric keypad would be the thing I would most want to have an on-screen version of.
  7. If you are trying to be all on-screen I think you need an onscreen replacement for... the Numeric Keypad!
  8. Petunia Pig's house is "streamline moderne" "Porky's Romance" (1937) "get Momma's pry bar..."
  9. Thing to remember to not do in Visual Studio... Do not try to copy and paste files from one "project" to another. It is not like copying and pasting files in Windows folders. After I had my project 31a Classes working (see below), it would have been convenient to copy the files from that source folder to the source folder for a new project 32a Classes data members and continue experimenting with new stuff. That only appears to work. The "copied" files are not copies, they seem to be merely aliases to the originals. Anything you change or rename in the new project will also be changed in the project they came from, probably breaking it and maddening to fix. Instead, after you "Add" a new project to your "Solution", "Add" new generic files with new names as stand-ins, then manually copy and paste the code from the windows of the old project to the windows of the new Project.
  10. How cool to see you back, Gorf! Since you are back... you might be interested in... Prehistoric!
  11. Hi Chris, I don't know of any way to have the rotation center not be 0,0,0 when nothing is selected. Something will have to be selected to alter the rotation origin. It doesn't have to be much. It could be one CP or one bone or even a Null you added to the scene for the purpose of being able to recall a specific point of rotation. But it will have to be selected.
  12. The buggiest part of Microsoft Visual Studio is the survey that comes up to ask me how bad the bugs are in Microsoft Visual Studio. 🤨
  13. Bosko delivers the very first "That's all folks!" "Sinkin' in the Bathtub" (1930)
  14. The tongue sandwich is a real thing you can get at the Second Avenue Deli in New York City. And it's Kosher! "Goofy Groceries" (1941)
  15. Ding Ding Ding Ding! You are correct! It looks like someone totally forgot the "IF" and then just tacked it on the side to shoot the scene. 😀 I guess with water colors, repainting the whole line would not work? I remember just barely noticing it when I saw that cartoon on TV, back in the 80s maybe. But I wasn't sure if i had seen it or not and I never saw it again until I got this DVD set.
  16. OK. One... last... hint! This scene has a similar problem to the above one, but not nearly as dire... The Film Fan (1939)
  17. Here it is... my first c++ graphic. It's called "Projectile Against the Wind" I'm working through "The Ray Tracer Challenge" which purports to teach you how to write a ray tracing renderer. While doing this I have encountered a C++ mystery which i will show at our next meeting.
  18. "8 bit images are encoded with a gamma but not in an EXR image" Does that mean the values are actually changed in the 8 bit mage? If I render a 50% gray in a TGA and an EXR and load those into a paint program and sample the color values, both will say they are 128, which is 50% gray. Where is the gamma correction happening?
  19. giant Canadian pterosaur ‘Frozen Dragon of the North’ (page takes a long time to load ads >: ) the video has a brief turn of a model they made of the creature and is the first time I'm understood how they could walk with their wings folded and used as front legs.
  20. I read an article that said if you have a flat that can't be fixed to hold air you should fill the tire with packed leaves.
  21. It's such a glaring error, I don't know how they could justify it. (That's a hint, son!)
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