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  1. Yes but... in my opinion there are dedicated standalone applications that already have those file transfer functions and chat functions etc so why put it in AM? Just run them along side AM. Those other programs are BETTER at it than AM ever could be. I don't want the limited resources of Hash to be wasted on trivial "novelties" like "chatting" in the program. Even MS word doesn't have a "chat" feature does it? If Hash removed the chat feature I won't lose sleep over it (unless the headphone cord brushed my leg). Does anyone need Skype to have a 3D modeling/animation plugin? I mean... you may want to animate something while you are typing or talking and it would be so much easier than all that work to open up AM. Of course if AM has chat you can chat and do 3D in Skype AND AM at the same time... while modeling in 3D in skype you can chat in AM and never miss a second of productive time. Put an email application and a beer dispenser with a snack machine in AM and I would never leave the house. Put a game engine in there so you can play games while working in AM. A link to Hulu and watch TV as well. Make it an entertainment console... that also does 3D... Okay I went a bit far with this... forgive me. Obviously... I don't own an all in one printer/scanner/fax machine either. p.s. Hash never did put in my feature request for a coffee machine USB hook up that activates with long render times. -vern
  2. Yes, it was fun for a while... then the novelty wore off. I am prone to being frightened by simple things when I am deeply engrossed in work like this. It could be a tiny breeze causing a small scrap of paper to flutter on the desk and I will jump like a gun shot went off. One time I freaked out when the change in my pocket shifted slightly against my leg while I was in my "creative trance". My headphone wires are the worst. They will shift and fall funny and brush up against my neck, shoulder or arms and scare the bejesus out of me (I really need to get a wireless headphone). I had to turn the AM community thingy off. Too much stress. -vern
  3. My trick with Thom being assembled by particles was done by reversing the rendered sequence. You can't "reverse" particles so the best way has been covered. Get both animations the way you like them. Render the second "equence". Import that sequence and reverse the time. You could just render both sequences and composite with another program or you could composite both in AM or just use the one sequence as a rotoscope and "hide" that model and particle sequence in the chor. You would only have to render TWICE instead of 3 times. So you render one sequence to go backwards with the other model hidden or not active. Import that sequence as a rotoscope and reversed the time. Make THAT model not active and turn on the OTHER one. You could also throw in camera movement this way as well but would have to reverse the keys of the camera movement for the reversed rendered sequence. See the rendered sequence used as a rotoscope will match the camera movement but it's backwards in time... ... oh my... I'm getting dizzy... is anyone else's head spinning or is it just me? -vern
  4. I find it very distracting. Also if I forget to "turn it off" it scares the hell out of me when someone chimes in. Literally I jump out of my skin. Rush of adrenaline. I had to deactivate it. When I have AM open I plan to work not chat. I don't see the purpose of "chat" software inside a program for getting something done. If I need to chat there are plenty of dedicated programs for that and my hair won't turn white and fall out when I'm contacted. -vern
  5. heyvern


    Uh... er... gravity? In what situation? Hair? Particles? Newton dynamics? Dynamic constraint? I believe hair and particles use the "force" setting in the chor which is on by default. Newton dynamics have the gravity set in the properties for each object. There is no "gravity" that you can "turn on or off" for plain objects. -vern
  6. So Nancy, Goddess of "Front Projection" (that makes the mind wander ), Front projection doesn't work with alpha channels on images? I was trying to put an animated "shimmer" across some surfaces using a blurred white streak with an alpha channel. Unfortunately the models with front projection render "black" where the alpha is instead of what I expected... the white line to render over the unmodified surface of the shape. Maybe I'm expecting too much. I did turn on "Include in Alpha Buffer" so that isn't it. -vern
  7. No probs here. It's fast... when my connection works. I am still having problems with internet access but I think it was all the rain we had. I had wondered if the California fires might have an impact? Not likely I suppose. -vern
  8. heyvern


    I started a new thread for the model/project and download here: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?s=&am...st&p=300404 -vern
  9. There is a recent topic about this I just can't find it. In a nutshell AM only renders 72dpi. You don't increase the dpi in AM to make it "bigger" for print use (AM doesn't have "inches" for image size, only pixels) you increase the pixel width and height of the render. How can changing 640 x 480 to 300 dpi make it "higher resolution"? It doesn't. 640 px is going to be 640 pixels regardless of the dpi. 72 or 300 it's still 640 pixels. To make it higher resolution for print you change how many pixels... 640 to 1280 doubles the resolution. It's still 72 dpi. -vern
  10. heyvern


    Wracking my brain on how to make the contrail model work with any model in a chor. I added a "target" bone. That target bone is the target for the translate and orient constraints for the other trail bones. Then when you drag the contrail model into a chor you only constrain the target bone to your model. The other bones follow along. So you can then drag any number of contrail models and put them anywhere you want. A few other details to work out and then I will post the project. -vern
  11. heyvern


    Thanks Meowx! Great job. Just to be clear this "idea" was inspired by my memory of someone elses brilliant idea from a long time ago. I hope to find that original sword swoosh file on a back up or old hard drive and hopefully determine the source of it. I'm glad I remembered as much as I did... uh... actually I'm SURPRISED I remembered as much as I did. The other exciting potential would be having the "pre rigged" or constrained "trail" model with poses. You could drop in as many as you want to create bunches of overlapping streaky trails. Just line them up with whatever part of the object you want a streak coming from. Adjust the poses to change the length and "duration" of the streaks for variety. -vern
  12. heyvern


    That looks great! I really wasn't sure how you would use this for a tail. I kept having images of a poor mouse running and running because if it stops its tail would zoom up inside it like a retractable cord on a vacuum cleaner. -vern
  13. heyvern


    Oh heck... (In this animation you can see the start and end of the trail. In the other project the end is fine but the start wasn't right so I cropped it out of the render.) contrailB.mov contrail4.zip -vern
  14. heyvern


    Ha! Figured out how to have the tail "stream out" at the beginning. Very simple. In the above sample the max lag on the last bone is 10 frames. Go to frame 10 and key ALL the bones lag value at the amount that is already there. You just want that key. Go back to frame 0 and key the lag for all bones to 0. Now as each bone is pulled along the tail stretches out as the ship moves. When the ship stops moving the tail collapses. Works great. If you want the project I could post it but... it only takes about a minute to key those bones... it's a good learning experience. This whole thing could probably be set up with a pose so you only need to key one pose of the contrail model. Maybe have the lag value for each bone linked to an expression to a pose slider and you could stretch or shorten the trailing effect by keying a pose. This is pretty cool. It could be used to create engine exhaust/flames that cut in and out... add some noise to the pose keys controlling the lag and the jet stream would "vibrate" etc. -vern
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